CEPA Renewal Requirements

The Certified Exit Planning Advisor (CEPA) credential must be renewed every three (3) years. Renewal application with payment is due no later than December 31 of the year of certification expiration.

As outlined below, the renewal application documents 1) ongoing adherence to professional conduct requirements and 2) completion of professional development activities, or a combination of professional development activities and contributions to the profession:

  • Renewing certification holders must have completed a minimum of 40 hours of exit planning related professional development, or a minimum of 30 hours of exit planning related professional development plus 10 hours of qualifying leadership, authorship, and teaching activities contributing to the exit planning profession. Qualifying leadership activities include volunteer service as a chairman, Chair-Elect, or officer for committee service to a qualifying organization other than the applicant’s employer.
  • Renewal applicants must again agree in writing that they will adhere to the EPI Professional Standards and Code of Ethics, and they must re-attest that they have not been convicted of a felony related to the practice of exit planning.

In addition to the requirements stated above, in order to maintain the CEPA credential, an active EPI Annual Credentialed Membership must be maintained.  In the case the Annual Credentialed Membership is not maintained, the CEPA credentials will be de-activated and membership terminated. An applicant will be ineligible for renewal if their EPI Annual Credentialed Membership is past due.

Renewal Fees

For each three-year period, there is a renewal fee of $165. The fee must be paid when the Renewal form is submitted.

Qualifying Professional Development Activities

You will receive continuing education credits as outlined below for the following items:

  1. Serving on the CEPA Faculty: 2 hours per session presented.
  2. Presenting a session at any EPI conference: 2 hours
  3. Serving as a Board of Directors Chair or a standing committee chair: 2 hours
  4. Speaking at a non-EPI conference (i.e. NACVA, IBBA, AICPA, MMIBA, AMAA etc.) as the content leader: 2 hours
  5. Published articles: 2 hours credit for each article published in a recognized publication
  6. You may receive 1 hour of CE credit for each 60 minutes of education, subject to approval from the EPI CE Coordinator, offered by any major organization such as NACVA, AICPA, AMAA, CFP Board, IBBA, IMCA, FPA et al. (For example, a program that runs 120 minutes would count as 2 CE credits).

Please indicate the total number of hours you have submitted for credit and provide a detailed listing for each program or activity. There is no requirement to attach documentation or proof of attendance at educational events or background information. However, the CEPA program reserves the right to request an audit documentation confirming the information reflected on your application. It is up to the CEPA member to keep track of all continuing education programs for submission at the proper time.

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