Trust and Estate Planning Strategies for Business Owners: Because a Goal Without a Plan is Just a Wish


Trust and Estate Planning Strategies for Business Owners

Estate planning is important for advisors to consider for all types of clients, from the elderly couple with a home and modest investment account, to the young working couple with minor children, to the recently-retired client considering Social Security and Medicare, to the small business owner with a child working in the business, to the entrepreneur who has built a rapidly-growing business and is hoping to “cash out big” one day.

The estate planning considerations and strategies would really be very different for each of these types of clients.  However, the focus of this presentation will be on the business owner client: what are the best estate and trust planning strategies for clients who are looking to grow and eventually sell their business?  What should business owners be thinking about 5-10 years before a potential exit that could position them to both protect assets and minimize taxes in the event of a sale of the business?  How do business owners plan for unanticipated circumstances, disability, divorce, or death?  We will discuss a few strategies available to business owners in this context, as well as review real-life scenarios where such strategies have provided great value to such clients in the past.

Learning Objectives:

  • Review basic principals of grantor retained annuity trusts (grats) and spousal lifetime access trusts (slats)
  • Compare/contrast strategies for business “succession” planning vs. Business “exit” planning
  • Discuss real-life scenarios where estate planning strategies could provide great value to your client


About the Presenters:

Learn from industry experts, Leah McElmoyl, JD, Gregory D. Willett, JD, and David Hunter, JD, LMM.


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This meeting will be held at Chambliss, Bahner & Stophel, P.C., Liberty Tower

Address: 605 Chestnut Street, Suite 1700, Chattanooga, TN 37450


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About the Presenters

Leah McElmoyl

Leah McElmoyl

Estate Planning Attorney at Chambliss, Bahner & Stophel


Gregory D. Willett

Gregory D. Willett

Shareholder / Chair, Taxation & Estate Planning Group


David W. Hunter

Continuing Education

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One (1) CPE hour

One (1) CFP® credit


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