Building the Right Management Team
to Increase Value


Building the Right Management Team to Increase Value

Join us as we examine how to change the owner’s role in his/her company. 

From Hands-On and Head Down to Hands-Off and Head Up.  We will examine how to create a functioning management team that operates the company efficiently and build value for the owner. 


Learning Objectives:

  • Learn the process to evaluate owner’s strengths and weaknesses  
  • Learn to benchmark roles and place the right person in that role 
  • Learn how to match and build a cohesive management team 
  • Learn how to track and build value with the owner’s team 


About the Presenter:

Learn from industry expert Maria Forbes of Firepower Teams about how to build the right management team that will help you increase value.

Meet the Presenter


Thank you to our Sponsor:

This event is sponsored by Carr, Riggs and Ingram, LLC.


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About the Presenter

Maria Forbes

Maria Forbes

Firepower Teams

Meet Maria Forbes:

Maria’s consulting mission has re-energized the performance of professional services teams and business owners through the complete engagement of human talent. Maria works with small businesses across the Midwest and Eastern regions, validating the unique capabilities of professional teams to leverage organizational performance and generate growth.
Using her branded process, FIREPOWER™ Business Catalyst, Maria unites three essential performance drivers; leaders expressed vision for their business, realization of distinct team member strengths in sync with the vision, and the effective arrangement of talent for sustaining client relationships and increasing market share. Maria has developed the FIREPOWER™ Team Foundations for defining recruiting criteria and facilitating the successful selection of new members. The FIREPOWER™ Team Development serves as a guided exploration of capability and performance, closing the gap between what we know about our work and how we instinctively move through challenge, to fuel team productivity and ignite new energy into a workplace culture. Integrating these people-driven strengths into organizational growth plans, Maria’s clients achieve their performance goals and accomplish the long term momentum they are seeking.

Continuing Education

This meeting qualifies for the following continuing education credits:

One (1) CPE hour


NOTE: Proper documentation must be collected and submitted to qualify for continuing education. For questions regarding awarded continuing education credits, please contact Josh Koza at