EPI Long Island Collaboration Celebration


Collaboration Celebration

Come meet and mingle with the local EPI Chapter! This is an opportunity to reflect on what we learned in 2018, as well as a rollout of our 2019 programming. Join EPI Long Island’s NEW board and toast to our commitment to the changing outcomes mission.

Make connections with top colleagues in the local marketplace. These events enable top trusted advisors to learn more about each other’s practices and develop deeper, more fruitful relationships. Enable trusted advisors to learn more about each other’s practices and develop deeper relationships. Come meet and greet the best high caliber professionals that serve business owners.

Exit planning is cross-functional and attracts high caliber advisors from across all disciplines, so if you are looking for a group to expand your network with complementary exit professionals, make plans to join us in January at the BNY Mellon Offices.


Thank you to our sponsors:




About our Sponsors

The EPI Long Island Chapter is sponsored by BNY Mellon Wealth Management, and the Business Owners Advisory Council of Long Island.


This meeting will be held at BNY Mellon Offices.

Address: 1001 Franklin Ave., Garden City, NY 11520



The EPI Local Chapter is different than other groups because it brings together a diverse group of professionals from a wide range of specialties that can naturally work collaboratively on exit planning, succession planning, value growth, transaction or any engagement from both sides of the equation. The chapter meets regularly to network, reconnect, grow knowledge, and sharpen their skills with a common goal: Change the outcome for transitioning business owners. Make plans to join us for future events and connect with the local leadership by visiting www.EPILongIsland.com.