6 D’s In Derisking And Protecting Business Value


6 D’s In Derisking And Protecting
Business Value

We will discuss what risks Business Owners need to mitigate in order to protect and enhance their business value.  We will cover how to identify and assess the top classifications of Risk, and the Risks that Business Owners most commonly encounter, and ones they misperceive.  Discussion of potential impact and prioritization will lead in to how to mitigate the key risks that impact a business or business owner the most.


Learning Objectives:

  • How to identify Personal, Financial and Business Risks.
  • How to assess the impact of risks and prioritize the identified risks.
  • How to mitigate common or high impact risks whether in a product or service business.


About the Presenters:

Hear from industry experts, Anne Salick, Financial Planner, Rockgate Financial Partners and Lawrence Whaley, JD, CLU, CAP, about derisking and protecting business value.


Thank you to our Sponsors:

This meeting will be held at Rockgate Financial Partners.

Address: 17300 Dallas Parkway, Suite 1000, Dallas, TX 75230


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About the Presenters

Anne Salick

Anne Salick

Financial Planner, Rockgate Financial Partners


Lawrence Whaley

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