Exit Planning Practice Launch


Exit Planning Practice Launch Workshop

A new approach is needed to successfully help a potential $10 trillion of wealth transition over the next 15-20 years. The lack of results proves that the old ways of approaching exit planning aren’t working. Value Acceleration is the answer. It is based on a new paradigm that exit planning is simply good business strategy; a strategic business tool which results for owners today and positions them for a successful transition in the future. This training session teaches advisors basic principles of Value Acceleration and how to launch a new revenue stream to participate in the greatest wealth transfer in history.

Answer the following:

  • Do you plan to tack on exit planning services to your existing firm’s offerings and want to understand how to achieve ROI?
  • Are you launching a brand-new firm and want to adopt best practices to ensure critical path success?
  • Do you want to be able to quickly identify exit planning client prospects and learn how to approach the exit planning conversation?
  • Are you tired of trying to get your exit planning business off the ground and want to tap into the insights from a leader who has successfully done it?

If yes, the Exit Planning Practice Launch Workshop was designed with you in mind.


Learning Objectives:

Upon conclusion of this two-hour training session attendees will be able to:

  • Describe the market dynamics driving the need for Value Acceleration
  • Describe the difference between a “Lifestyle” versus “Value Creator” business
  • Describe to an owner why focusing on value is important
  • Define Value Acceleration gates and site deliverables in each gate
  • List the 4 Core Concepts that must be adopted for Value Acceleration to work
  • Understand fee structure model and quantify the market opportunity
  • Describe why premier companies achieve high multiples and the keys to accelerating value to a business owner
  • Define specific key levers to launch a successful value acceleration practice


About the EPI Exit Planning Practice Launch Series:

The Exit Planning Practice Launch Workshop is offered as a webinar three times a year to help exit planning advisors create action plans to implement exit planning services into an existing or standalone firm.  It isn’t enough to hold a designation. You must know how to position yourself in the marketplace for business development, practice management, and client delivery success.  This workshop shows you how.

This virtual event is hosted on the GoToWebinar platform. It is a two-hour workshop taught by EPI President and CEO, Chris Snider.


This webinar is useful and helps bring perspective on strategy top-of-mind for advisors looking to launch their exit planning practice. If you desire individualized coaching from the leader in exit planning, Christopher Snider, CEPA, EPI CEO/President, so you can get assistance in creating your firm’s strategy, you can purchase a private four-hour Exit Planning Practice Launch Workshop session and dive deeper into your unique needs, metrics, and goals.

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Christopher Snider, CEPA

Christopher Snider, CEPA

CEO/President of Exit Planning Institute, Managing Partner of Snider Premier Growth

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Christopher M. Snider, CEPA, CEO of the Exit Planning Institute, is the award-winning author of Walking to Destiny: 11 Actions an Owner Must Take to Rapidly Grow Value & Unlock Wealth, a business strategy book about the Value Acceleration Methodology™ written for business owners and the advisors who serve them. Snider is a professional keynote speaker and content provider to the middle market business community, trade & industry associations, and professional education organizations. Walking to Destiny is a five-star rated book that truly empowers owners with the knowledge and path to effectively positioning their business and themselves for exit options down the road, sure, but perhaps more importantly, rapid business growth today.

Early in Mr. Snider’s career, he acted as a system integrator, supply chain manager, and mergers and acquisitions specialist for public companies such as The Sherwin Williams Company, Price Waterhouse, FedEx Logistics, Nike, Dell Computer, Hewlett Packard, Freightliner, and many others. A game-changing milestone in his career came when he began working with a middle market family owned business which he helped grow from $90 million to $265 million in three years resulting in the sale to a large multi-national strategic buyer. For his written work and his contributions to the industry, Snider has been awarded recent honors that include 2016 NACVA Industry Titan Architect and 2016 AM&AA Thought Leader of the Year.

Snider is the Managing Partner of Snider Premier Growth, the CEO/President of Exit Planning Institute, the Founder of ThinkTank Publishing House, and the author of SniderValueIndex.com. Chris is a family business owner with his son, Scott Snider.

Connect: Exit Planning Institute | Phone: (216) 712–4244   | LinkedIn: Connect with Chris