New ExitMap Tools for Visual and
Distance Exit Planning


Ask the Expert Broadcast: New ExitMap Tools for Visual and Distance Exit Planning

Entrepreneurs are predominantly visual processors. They comprehend more quickly and retain information better when presented with business concepts communicated through clear pictures and graphs.

Drawing on over 20 years of coaching business owners, the Founder of the ExitMap, John F. Dini, has added a number of new tools and videos to our original offering of the Assessment, Analysis and Action Plan reports. Like the original reports, these are designed as fast, attractive visual stimuli to help owners engage in the planning process.

This webinar will illustrate the tools for coaching business owners on their Distance to Goal, Owner Centricity, Discretionary Earnings, and Valuation, along with our new series of drip campaign videos for reaching out to prospects.

Learning Objectives:

  • How simple illustrations count more than complex analysis in establishing client trust
  • Consulting for remote clients using video and online graphics
  • A streamlined process for working with the smaller businesses (less than 20 employees) who make up 89% of all private companies.


About the Summit:

Every year, the EPI community gathers the top 200+ advisors from across the industry (and the world) at the Exit Planning Summit.  A major part of the Summit experience and value is that EPI has built a strong, collaborative network of solution providers specifically geared toward supporting advisors like you in changing the outcome for exiting middle market business owners.

The Exit Planning Summit is the “Super Bowl” for Exit Planning Experts, Advisors, and Middle Market Business Owners. It contains the best content taught by top experts in the marketplace. The Summit brings together 200 of the top CEPAs a part of EPI, combined with other leading advisors, thought leaders, and partners within the exit planning space. This September in Nashville, advisors from across the globe will gather to learn the latest in exit planning while immersing themselves in a big conference atmosphere with a interactive, workshop personalized feel. The highlights for the 2019 Exit Planning Summit will expand your view, challenge you to greater heights, and reinvent the way you approach the middle market.

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Meet the Presenter

Meet John. John F. Dini is a consultant and coach to hundreds of business owners, CEOs and Presidents of companies, with over 12,000 hours of delivering face-to-face, personal leadership and exit planning advice.

Dini is the author of three books including the award winners Hunting in a Farmer’s World; Celebrating the Mind of an Entrepreneur and Your Exit Map: Navigating the Boomer Bust, as well as 11 Things You Absolutely Need to Know About Selling Your Business, now in its second edition. He is also the creator of The ExitMap®, a proprietary marketing system with affiliates throughout the United States.

He writes numerous articles on small business topics for newspapers, magazines, and in his own blog at John speaks frequently to business groups and national associations, appears regularly on “The Small Business Advocate,” a nationally syndicated radio program. John holds a BS in accounting from Rutgers University, and an MBA from Pepperdine University, and has six additional certifications in exit planning, behavioral analysis, management, facilitation and coaching.

Connect with the Presenter: The ExitMap® | Website: | Email: | Phone: (210) 615-1800

About The ExitMap®: The ExitMap® is a multi-faceted client engagement system designed to help professional advisors attract business owners for consulting services. Created by exit planners, it is designed to complement and support most value enhancement, business development, exit strategy and financial planning systems.

ExitMap Advisors use free and unlimited Assessments to attract interested prospects, and use the resulting 12 page report to qualify prospects. Advisors also have access to complimentary coaching tools to help when coaching owners on their goals and objectives. The ExitMap® is used by attorneys, accountants, financial planners, coaches and consultants.

ExitMap Affiliates use the two 40-page advisor reports (available on either a per-use or a subscription basis) to close the engagement and begin the relationship by discussing pertinent information about the client and his or her organization.
The ExitMap® tools for client engagement also include interactive coaching illustrations, drip videos, , infographics, an eBook, a full color hardcover for leave-behinds or presentation premiums, SEO enhancement, and an exit planning blog for RSS feed to your website.

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