Tips for Making Family Businesses
Successful During Succession


Ask the Expert Broadcast: Tips for Making Family Businesses Successful
During Succession

FBCG is changing the outcomes for the longevity of family businesses and family relationships. Our families are successful because they are proactive in leadership development, family governance systems, and business governance systems. We believe that family businesses are best when they do strategic planning in both the family system and business systems at the same time. Family councils provide the family with the opportunity to define the vision for the family, to create leadership education, a method for shareholder education and communication, and a platform for conversations that may otherwise be ignored.

Studies repeatedly show business owners increase their profitability, professionalism, and value of their business when they have advice from outside advisors. The statistics for successful transitions increase when the owners create governance for their business and family systems.

How do we as CEPA’s introduce these ideas and engage the owner in governance? When does the business need to bring in others besides their family, lawyer, banker, an accountant? How do they go about searching for members and selecting the correct people?
members and experts on a nationwide basis across a wide spectrum of business functional areas.


Learning Objectives:

  • Attendees will be able to articulate two reasons that peer learning increases the profitability and value of their businesses.
  • Attendees will be able to define the family council.
  • Why is it beneficial to have the family and business do simultaneous planning?
  • Attendees will define the difference between a board of directors and board of advisors.
  • Attendees will be able to articulate the rate at which governance has been shown to impact the longevity of family business ownership.

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Meet the Presenter

Meet Amy. Amy Wirtz is an affiliate consultant with The Family Business Consulting Group specializing in shareholder value enhancement, business planning processes, and transition implementation of management, leadership or ownership of a business. Her passion stems from growing up in her grandparents’ second-generation business, surrounded by the wonderfully complex matters a family business presents.

Amy brings a diverse range of experience to family enterprises by serving in various roles such as an exit-planning advisor, collaborative lawyer, mediator, arbitrator, lecturer, and teacher. Drawing from 27 years as a lawyer, she believes in peaceful resolutions to complex issues by helping families learn new communication skills to resolve family and business matters. While no longer practicing law, today Amy focuses on providing creative solutions to family business engagements and presenting to relevant audiences. She also helps business owners use their advisors as a resource team to create optimal value.

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About Family Business Co: Helping Family Businesses Prosper Across Generations.
For 25 years, The Family Business Consulting Group has worked with thousands of families, including some of the most successful and influential business families around the world, to achieve one common goal: create structures and processes which protect the integrity of the family and the enterprise.
Our work touches all aspects of the business and family system, identifying the areas where better processes, shareholder and family education, communication and alignment will lead to better business performance and a stronger family. We listen and learn about both strengths and challenges before exploring solutions, choosing a course of action, and implementing plans that lay the foundation for a successful future.
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