The Gears that Drive Value: How to Get “Under the Hood” of a Business to Identify Opportunity


Ask the Expert Broadcast: The Gears that Drive Value: How to Get “Under the Hood” of a Business to Identify Opportunity

Business owners often perceive their enterprise value mainly as a function of profitability. But the reality is, there are dozens of factors in any given business that drive value and profitability is only one of them.In this webinar you will learn to challenge the business owner to “Look Under the Hood” to identify the various issues (stuck gears)  that could be negatively affecting the value of their business and how you may be able to help them.


Learning Objectives:

  • Identify the various gears that drive business value and which of the two catagories they all fit into
  • Learn how to identify the key value drivers within a particular business based on industry
  • Develop Key Questions to ask Business Owner’s to get their attention
  • How to Act on the information you have gathered by putting an Action Plan in place to address issues negatively affecting value.


About the Summit:

Every year, the EPI community gathers the top 200+ advisors from across the industry (and the world) at the Exit Planning Summit.  A major part of the Summit experience and value is that EPI has built a strong, collaborative network of solution providers specifically geared toward supporting advisors like you in changing the outcome for exiting middle market business owners.

The Exit Planning Summit is the “Super Bowl” for Exit Planning Experts, Advisors, and Middle Market Business Owners. It contains the best content taught by top experts in the marketplace. The Summit brings together 200 of the top CEPAs a part of EPI, combined with other leading advisors, thought leaders, and partners within the exit planning space. This September in Nashville, advisors from across the globe will gather to learn the latest in exit planning while immersing themselves in a big conference atmosphere with a interactive, workshop personalized feel. The highlights for the 2019 Exit Planning Summit will expand your view, challenge you to greater heights, and reinvent the way you approach the middle market.

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Meet the Presenter

Meet Wes. Wes began his nearly 20-year career in Finance as a Mortgage Banker for 5 years before he made his way into the M&A world with Houston based Oil & Gas startup Leor Energy. Leor became one of the most remarkable Exploration & Production stories of the new Millenia when they grew to a $2.5 billion-dollar enterprise in just 5 short years before it was sold in 2007. Wes was a personal advisor to 29-year-old CEO Guma Aguiar and participated in multiple debt and equity raises during his tenure there.

Moving on to SM2, Wes has represented Middle-Market business owners Nationwide in multiple industries as both an analyst and lead negotiator. Wes’s extensive education and experience in finance (both debt and equity) gives him a unique perspective into the M&A process. He graduated with a B.A. in Psychology from Southern Methodist University (SMU) and holds an MBA in Finance from Nova Southeastern University. Wes is a Certified Mergers and Acquisitions Advisor (CM&AA) and is also a Certified Exit Planning Advisor (CEPA). He has served on numerous non-profit boards mainly related to helping children in foster care and resides in South Florida with his wife and 2 children. Wes is an avid golfer, soccer fan, and enjoys perfecting his cooking skills by smoking meats on his Big Green Egg.

Connect with the Presenter: SM2 Advisors | Website: | Email: | Phone: (954) 336-7289

About SM2 Advisors : SM2 Advisors is a boutique M&A Advisory firm specializing in Sell-Side representation of privately owned businesses in the lower middle market ($10-$100mm in Enterprise Value). th decades of experience working exclusively for business owners nationwide, SM2 brings a unique understanding of what buyers seek when acquiring businesses in the lower middle market.

With our comprehensive understanding of private capital market transactions, SM2 will manage all aspects of the sale process that maximizes proceeds and minimizes the time and energy required by the business owner.

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