Best Practices Mastermind Virtual Roundtable
“The Inquisitor”


"The Inquisitor"

At the 2018 Exit Planning Summit, EPI introduced a new experience element called the EPI Power Sessions, mirroring the concepts that make TED Talks so powerful. Seven experts took the stage and delivered 15 minute speeches on the theme “7 Advisor Behavioral Pitfalls and How to Overcome Them.”

This year the Mastermind Series will explore each persona, The Collaborator, The Marketer, The Inquisitor, The Brander and The Strategist. Leveraging the wisdom of the TED-style speech and the knowledge that short, compelling talks that challenge the status quo can change the world. EPI is pleased to bring these presentations virtual, and introduce you to the experts who will regale you with the knowledge, strategies, hard truths, and powerful facts to reinvent your approach and drive even better outcomes.


About the Presenter:

Hear from industry expert, Sean Hutchinson, “The Inquisitor.”


About the EPI Best Practices Mastermind Virtual Roundtable:

The EPI Best Practices Mastermind Virtual Roundtable webinar series is a collaborative peer discussion centered around a different key topic each month.  This session brings together CEPAs across the country to listen and discuss.  It is a great opportunity to get answers to your questions, brainstorm new solutions to common and unique problems, share methods that have worked well for you, and learn ways to get past roadblocks.  This session is held monthly and is another way to meet CEPAs that complement your practice needs and to build your expert network.

This monthly discussion is hosted on the GoToWebinar platform.  It is not a lecture presentation; it is a discussion forum among peers. Experience the power of your CEPA community.


You can help owners create strategies that will reduce risk, build value, and harvest wealth. Your credential is listed on your business card and you are ready for the floodgates to open…now what? As much as we’d like to simply learn new skills and have a line of clients waiting to pay us for our expertise, it is unlikely that demand will build itself. Exit planning is personal, transformational, and unique. And it will take new business development skills and effort to fill your sales funnel and put your practice in a position of abundance versus scarcity. We can help. Visit for advanced workshops for advisors.

About the Presenter

Sean P. Hutchinson, CEPA, CMAA

Sean P. Hutchinson, CEPA, CMAA

Co-Founder and Partner, SVA Value Accelerators

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Over my 25+ years in business, the best lessons I’ve learned have been from business owners who have generously shared their stories of success and struggle and allowed me to offer insights and guidance based on my experiences.

I share a bond with entrepreneurs. I’ve founded five companies, all of them with partners, some more successful than others. I’ve led a fast-growing global company as a very green, but hard-working and quick-learning, 34-year-old who everyday had to make big decisions with big implications. It became the largest firm of its kind in the world. And, maybe most importantly in this case, I’m the 3rd Generation heir to my family’s 62-year-old custom millwork manufacturing business. I’ve sat in your chair many times and I love being an entrepreneur.

As one of the three founders of SVA, my role is once again to fulfill the responsibilities of the Chief Executive Officer. I focus on strategy and growth – in other words, our Company of the Future. And that’s where I help our clients too – working with owners and their leadership teams to imagine what could be, can be, and will be their Company of the Future.  I see my work as transformational, not just transactional. It’s all about getting you “Ready for Next.”

Over the years, in order to serve our clients better, I’ve invested heavily in education. In addition to my Masters degree from Miami University of Ohio, I am a Certified Exit Planning Advisor (CEPA), Certified Merger and Acquisition Advisor (CMAA), and I hold the FINRA Series 79 and 63 securities licenses. I serve on the Board of Directors for three private companies, including my family’s business. I speak frequently to owners and professional advisors across the USA and have developed a reputation for thought-leadership in the value acceleration and transition-readiness field.

I invite you to call me for any reason related to Value Acceleration and Transition-Readiness. I learn something valuable from every conversation with my fellow entrepreneurs.

Connect with the Presenter: Website: | Email: | Phone: (312) 626-1820