Work On Your Business (not just in it)


Exit Solutions Alliance Series: Work On Your Business (not just in it)

As advisors, you know that discussing strategy with clients is easier said than done. Business owners tend to spend their time working in their business rather than on it. But every task that an owner takes on is more time away from leading their business. CEPAs can coach owners on how to make strategy a top of mind. Kevin Minton, CEO of Chief Executive Boards International, has built an organization dedicated to helping business owners work on their business and develop balance.

In this session, Minton will share insights, tips, trends and strategies to engage the middle market owner community in the kind of strategic thinking needed to truly grow value within an organization.


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About the Exit Solutions Alliance Webinar Series:

Exit planning fails when advisors think from a siloed perspective. But on the other hand, one single advisor cannot specialize in every component that goes into creating rapid value growth and effective exit strategy. Jack of all trades, master of none, right? That’s where the Exit Solutions Partner Network can help. Join each month for the Exit Solutions Alliance Webinar Series to learn the interworkings, techniques, and strategies from advanced specialists, experts, and providers within the exit planning ecosystem.

This year, the Exit Solutions series will feature Private Equity Growth Expert, Kyle Madden of KLH Capital, sought-after M&A Marketing Strategist, Christine Hollinden of Hollinden Marketers + Strategists, and Serial Entrepreneur & Award-Winning Author, John Warrillow of The ValueBuilder System, among many others. Don’t miss your chance to pick the brain of the experts every month.

Click here to meet the experts and firms endorsed in the EPI Exit Solutions Partner Network.

Chief Executive Boards International (CEBI) is an organization exclusively for business owners and CEOs. It is a community of carefully chosen peers who bring real-world experiences together to inspire, encourage and challenge each other. Members contribute their expertise in a collaborative, confidential setting that’s designed to help members achieve their own specific goals.
For over 20 years, CEBI has been facilitating life-changing, critical guidance and relationships for chief executives. The goal is to provide a peer advisory experience with the highest ROI, built solidly on the voice of our members.
Local boards (spanning the east coast and midwest) meet quarterly, and all members gather together, nationally, twice a year. Members actively participate in each meeting, sharing their issues and receiving feedback from the rest of the group.
Groups are not industry specific. There are a wide range of businesses represented on our boards. CEBI intentionally includes participants with diverse businesses, as well as contrasting leadership styles, in order to capture the full advantages of a broader mindset.

Meet the Presenter

Kevin Minton

Kevin Minton

CEO of Chief Executive Boards International

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An original native of Greenville, South Carolina, Kevin graduated university from The Citadel, located in Charleston, South Carolina.  After receiving a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration in 1988, Kevin soon thereafter married his current wife, Angelina and began his official career with Fluor Corporation in 1989.  Throughout his 20+ year career with Fluor he excelled through the ranks to became a Vice President of sales and operations in the U.S. and multiple countries where he led existing and start-up business through challenges, downturns, growth and success.

Kevin was recruited in 2009 by Rental Service Corporation as Vice President of Sales and Operations where he helped lead the company out of a recession plagued business to an ultimate sale in 2012 to United Rentals Corp. for an unprecedented multiple on earning.

Kevin’s next chapter led him toward using the skills and talents he’d developed throughout his career toward helping others to succeed in business.  An ensuing purchase of Chief Executive Boards International in 2013 facilitated this calling in which Kevin re-energized the organization to provide an elite peer advisory experience.

After multiple assignments throughout the world, Kevin continues to lead Chief Executive Boards International and enjoys working with other business owners and CEOs throughout the country to help improve their business and life fulfillment.  When he’s not traveling to assist others he enjoys residing in South Carolina with his wife and three sons.

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