Business Sale Preparation – 10 Avoidable Mistakes


Business Sale Preparation – 10 Avoidable Mistakes

In preparing their companies for sale, business owners unknowingly often fall prey to a number of mistakes that can affect their companies’ values, while also complicating the business sale process.  This webinar will highlight these common mistakes and what can be done to avoid them. Some of these mistakes may surprise you.  Joining Dan Bradbary, PMI Advisors – Managing Partner will be Jonathan Minnen, a Partner in the Corporate Practice of Smith, Gambrell & Russell, LLP law firm, for discussions on “what NOT to do”.

Learning Objectives:

  • Why not to hastily sign a “non-binding” Letter of Intent (LOI)
  • Why ignoring changing industry trends can be detrimental
  • Why failing to assemble and organize key company information can kill the deal


About the Exit Solutions Alliance Webinar Series:

Exit planning fails when advisors think from a siloed perspective. But on the other hand, one single advisor cannot specialize in every component that goes into creating rapid value growth and effective exit strategy. Jack of all trades, master of none, right? That’s where the Exit Solutions Partner Network can help. Join each month for the Exit Solutions Alliance Webinar Series to learn the interworkings, techniques, and strategies from advanced specialists, experts, and providers within the exit planning ecosystem.

This year, the Exit Solutions series will feature Private Equity Growth Expert, Kyle Madden of KLH Capital, sought-after M&A Marketing Strategist, Christine Hollinden of Hollinden Marketers + Strategists, and Serial Entrepreneur & Award-Winning Author, John Warrillow of The ValueBuilder System, Dan R. Bradbary, Founder & Managing Partner of PMI Advisors, LLC, among many others. Don’t miss your chance to pick the brain of the experts every month (typically hosted on the second Wednesday).

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Knowing that advanced enterprise operational knowledge and expertise can be challenging, PMI Advisors employs 40 team members and experts across a wide spectrum of business functions.  These areas include operations, technology, human resources, manufacturing, logistics, and sales/marketing, to name a few, that complement your advisory services.

Meet the Presenter

Dan R. Bradbary

Dan R. Bradbary

Founder & Managing Partner of PMI Advisors, LLC

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He launched PMI Advisors, LLC in 2018 to assist mid-market companies with their M&A efforts. Prior to PMI Advisors, he was the Founder and Owner of V-Rooms™ Virtual Data Rooms, a company that provided secure online document exchange services for thousands of M&A transactions over its 10-year history. V-Rooms was sold in December 2015.  Before V-Rooms, he was the Founder and Owner of Project Management Services, Inc., (sold in 2003) which over a 15-year period grew to a 150-person consulting firm that provided management professionals and systems to assist Fortune 100 companies with their post-merger integration and other special projects, such as as

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