Sean Hutchinson

Chief Executive Officer, SVA Value Accelerators

Helping owners create their path to higher valuation is SVA’s mission, founded on our belief that Transition-Ready Businesses Are More Valuable™.  SVA’s programs are designed for business owners at three points on the critical path to creating transferable value and transition-readiness: Exploring, Pivoting, and Triggering. No matter where owners are in their process, SVA offers relevant and timely solutions including Transition-Readiness Workshops and Mastermind Groups facilitated by industry experts, structured value acceleration programs, and customized decision support. All of the SVA partners & advisors are former entrepreneurs whose roots are in family-owned businesses. Our programs are grounded by entrepreneurial experience, empathy, & expertise. From our primary offices in Denver, Chicago, & Miami, we serve owners of privately-held businesses throughout the US including but not limited to specialties in Aviation (Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul), Food and Beverage, Family-owned Business, and Construction.  Learn more about the SVA team by clicking here.


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