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EPI Chapter Network Continues to Grow

In 2007, Chris Snider, President, and CEO of the Exit Planning Institute started the first local chapter in Northeast Ohio, becoming the first-ever Chapter President. Eleven years later and EPI is celebrating the expansion into our 25th market with the newest addition, the Rocky Mountain Chapter, holding their awareness event yesterday in Lakewood, Colorado. EPI… read more

Value vs Certified Value

Most business owners don’t know what their business is worth or have unrealistic expectations of what they might receive for their business. Business valuations are a critical component in the exit planning process – but valuations are also required for other business situations such as for making gifts or charitable contributions, employee stock ownership plans… read more

Emotional Considerations for Transitions

Emotional Considerations

This article was contributed by a guest author, Edwin Mysogland, CVA, CEPA, CMEA, SBA As entrepreneurs, we often think ‘we are going to be happy when…’ But selling a company isn’t a ticket to happiness for the rest of your life. The emotional complexity of the sale of a business cannot be ignored. The business… read more

The Best Investment Buffett Ever Made

Warren Buffett

This article was contributed by author Scott Snider, EPI Vice President A trait consistently seen among the ultra-successful?  They self-educate by reading. This simple habit is powerful and the stories from some of the world’s most successful minds reinforce how making a commitment to reading is one of the best investments a professional can make.… read more

New CEPA Training Location Announced: Phoenix, Arizona


Considerable research has been conducted over the past 18 months from the efforts of many CEPAs and partners via the Micro-Market State of Owner Readiness Research. Taking that research even deeper, EPI has found what many now know to be called the “Middle 60”. This means that 60% of owners would work with an advisor… read more

Just Released: 2018 Regional State of Owner Readiness | Georgia

The State of Owner Readiness™ (SOOR) Survey is a research study that collects business attractiveness and owner readiness data for the middle market on a national level. This information is powerful and from that first national survey, conducted in 2013, the movement has taken off. This release marks the first regional research EPI will release this year!… read more

Marketing Strategy versus Client Delivery?

Man standing at a crossroads

The good news is…you don’t have to choose. Make plans to join the broadcasts this week. The team at Exit Planning Institute is committed to bringing our community the best content in the industry to help them excel in the marketplace.  One way advisors and owners can access this content is through our robust virtual… read more

Are All of These Advisors Exit Planners?

Business meeting charts and statistics

As the need for exit planning becomes more prevalent to business owners, the need for high caliber advisors rises as well. Over the past three years, the exit planning marketplace has experienced growth and change as it responds to the business owner’s needs. Those needs, in part, call for advisors to reinvent themselves into something… read more

12 Recordings for Growing Value

business man crossing finish line

We’ve wrapped up our credentialing program in Atlanta and have added 66 new CEPAs to the community. Big class, very exciting. One of the areas we focused a lot on in discussion this week was not only the core competencies of a Certified Exit Planning Advisor, but also how to educate owners on what to… read more

Applying the Formula for Luck

Women thinking of new ideas

Learn how other CEPAs, including our President & CEO Chris Snider, position their practices for increased lead capture, new client onboarding, and client delivery efficiency. Scott Snider stated in his recent article, “As the need for exit planning becomes more prevalent to business owners, the need for high caliber advisors rises as well. Over the past… read more