EPI is Pleased to Welcome 87 New Advisors to the CEPA Community

Are You Poised for Exit?

Keyes celebrates the release of her new book, “Poised for Exit: A Woman Entrepreneur’s Guide to Business Transition.” She describes Poised For Exit as, “a small book packed with super valuable information.” … read more

How to Build a Team that Produces Big Results

Mastrovito's piece of advice to a colleague who is looking to hire staff and produce big results in this industry is, "it's important to always look for people who are interested in growing and learning." … read more

Mid-Year Review State of the Institute Address

Over the past 60 days, the whole world has had to pivot, and in this broadcast EPI Vice President Scott Snider discussed the current market position of EPI, the future of CEPAs, forecasting for the rest of 2020 and our 3-year vision, and trends and topics for CEPAs. … read more