2019 in One Word: Growth


Scott Snider, Vice President of Exit Planning Institute sums up 2019 in one word: growth.

EPI has officially certified over 1,000 Certified Exit Planner Advisors (CEPAs), now has 40 chapters, has grown internally from 11 employees to a team of 16, and hosted the largest Summit ever in EPI history. In fact, The Exit Planning Summit is now the largest industry conference in the U.S.

Tune in on Thursday, January 16, 2020, at 12 PM ET as Snider, gives the annual EPI State of the Institute Address. Webinar attendees can expect to hear a summary of the industry in 2019, the role exit planning played in that trend, and the evolution of the marketplace in 2020.

In this broadcast, Snider will review best practices and look ahead to the future providing attendees a first look at the benefits and improvements to utilize in order to advance themself and their practice in 2020.  Attendees can also expect some significant contributions to the field of exit planning from EPI this year, including developments in process and methodology.

Snider says the overarching goal for 2020 is to implement meaningful advancements to not only the education EPI provides but the overall experience. He wants advisors and owners alike and to walk away saying “because I am associated with EPI, I feel more advanced.”

With both CEPAs and non-CEPAs in mind, EPI will implement changes based on industry trends and feedback from the 2019 Member Survey.

One new 2020 release to look forward to is the launch of the “EPI Live” broadcast. EPI Live will keep you in the pulse of exit planning industry trends and provide real-time answers to your questions.

Here at EPI, we are overwhelmingly grateful to support members and advisors like you. We hope that you ended 2019 success, reflection, and with a renewed focus on the future. Your feedback, leadership, and passion shape our organization and the industry as a whole. Register to attend the webinar to hear more about EPI’s 2019 year-end recap and 2020 forecast.

We look forward to what is to come and to continuing our collective mission together: Change the Outcome!