3 Member-Requested Features Coming to Exit Planning Institute’s New Website

3 Member-Requested Features Coming to Exit Planning Institute's New Website

At Exit Planning Institute, we educate advisors and owners on the importance of Value Acceleration and improving your business value. 80% of a business’s value is represented in its intangible capitals. The strength of their team, the quality of their customer relationships, their structural capital and technology, and their company culture and brand. 

We not only educate our community on the importance of strong intangible capital, but we also follow this thinking in our own business. As a result of deep consumer research, leadership meetings, and a structural capital audit, we are excited to announce the launch of our new connected digital ecosystem this month! 

Take a look at some of the new features coming soon to our new website! 

Improved Member Center

Our Member Center has long since provided advisors with the content, tools, and resources to best serve their business owner clients. Our new and improved Member Center offers a better-organized experience for our CEPAs as well as more updated content. 

Our CEPA Credentialed Plus members will have access to an expanded catalog of content and resources to enhance their practice. CEPAs can continue their professional development through archived webinars, curated member content, and assessment tools. 

In addition to our expanded content catalog, our updated Member Center will include a personalized CE Tracker that allows CEPAs to input their CE hours from outside education sources and stay on top of their hours throughout the year. Any hours obtained through Exit Planning Institute education will be automatically entered to your CE tracker. This includes the Exit Planning Summit and all EPI Academy courses. 

Expanded EPI Academy Course Catalog with Single Sign On

Our EPI Academy online education provides advisors and owners with the courses needed to improve their practice, build value in their business, and develop meaningful connections with their network. We have seen great success with this international award-winning learning platform. However, we received some feedback regarding the ease of access to our programs and the separate logins needed to EPI Academy Courses, our Member Center, and CEPA Online programs. 

Coming this month, we are excited to announce that EPI Academy will be fully integrated into our website. Members will be able to access their EPI Academy courses, view course-specific content, and see all available courses. Members will have one single sign-on to access all EPI content in their Member Center.   

Enhanced Find A CEPA Profiles 

Find a CEPA provides our CEPA community with access to our network of over 3,000 CEPAs from across the globe. While functional, we wanted to provide our CEPAs with an enhanced Find a CEPA experience on our new website. These pages rank extremely high in search engines, thus providing our CEPAs with the opportunity to be seen by thousands of website visitors from a simple web search. 

New Find a CEPA page enhancements allow the CEPAs to make updates to their profile to reflect their job title, company name, location, and headshot. Additionally, these pages will contain a detailed biography to provide more insight into the CEPA and their areas of expertise. 

We are excited to launch our new website early in 2023! 

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