Celebrating Memorial Day

An Interview with CEPA, Mo Mahoney

Celebrating Memorial Day: An Interview with CEPA, Mo Mahoney

As we celebrate Memorial Day this year, we would like to spotlight Kim “Mo” Mahoney, a CEPA and United States Marine. Mo has over 33 years of service as an F-18 Pilot. During his four deployments and three combat tours, he has made over 300 carrier landings. After years of active service, Mo has spent the past 17 years in the Reserves. 

Learn more about Mo’s service and how he has transitioned from an Active Duty Colonel in the United States Marine Corps to a Financial Advisor working closely with business owners.  

The Transition from the Active Service to Financial Services 

When he first transitioned from active service, Mo worked for the airlines as a pilot. However, he missed contributing toward a goal as a part of a team. He desired the opportunity to help people by using a specific skill set. It was then he began his career in financial services. 

Mo states, “The biggest impact we can have is being supportive and helpful for the client. By being a part of a team, we get better results.” 

In the Marines, Mo was trained as an F-18 Pilot. He was exceptionally well versed in the aircraft, however, he worked with a cross-functional team of specialists. The same goes for his financial advisory practice today. He explains, “I want to do everything for the client, but I might not have all the resources available. However, as a CEPA, I am only one degree of separation from other best-in-class specialists’ credibility within the CEPA community. It is extremely valuable to help the client with something outside of my skill set by introducing them to a subject matter expert.” 

He understands the benefits of working with a team and knows that introducing your clients to another expert does not diminish his working relationships with them, but enhances the trust between himself and the owners and is hugely impactful for their business. 

Mo shares the military’s impact on his transition to working closely with family-owned businesses. “In the military, we make sacrifices daily. I can identify with the family business owners and have great respect for their sacrifices. I like working with family businesses because everything I do impacts multiple generations and I feel honored and privileged to serve them.” 

Advice For Veterans Looking for Their Next Career

One piece of advice Mo wants to give to Veterans looking to start a new career after their service is, “Don’t let perfect be the enemy of good.” In the Marines, you have your MOS, or Military Occupational Strategy, that classifies your skills into a specific job function. After years in the service, Mo shares that it can be hard to change that mindset of finding the “perfect fit” for your new career. 

Mo suggests that Veterans explore a variety of career paths after their service. “Figure out something you think you might like, and see if it fits into your life. You will never know what you might like until you try a variety of options.” He compares finding a career path to target practice.
“Take that first shot and see where it hits. If you miss at first, recalibrate and aim again until you hit the bullseye.” 

One of the most beneficial pieces of advice Mo shares is to find a mentor to guide you through your career journey. By becoming a part of a professional organization, you join a group of high-performing people with similar career goals. As a member of the EPI community, Mo has expanded his reach to a national market, has learned how to grow in the field of exit planning from a variety of industry experts, and has been able to act as a mentor to other likeminded individuals.  

How the CEPA Community Benefits Your Practice

Mo Mahoney was inspired to become a Certified Exit Planning Advisor to hone his skills and better take care of his family business owner clients. He says, “It is our sacred duty to help owners and open their eyes to the possibilities they have in their exit.” 

Since earning his CEPA credential, Mo says he has fostered connections with numerous exit planning advisors and experts. He explains, “I love the emphasis on the familiar professional relationships between the advisors. By working together we get compound and exponential results.” 

After attending the 2022 Exit Planning Summit in Scottsdale, Arizona, Mo is even more invigorated to make a positive impact and difference in his client’s businesses and lives. He shares, “If you are CEPA and did not go to the Summit, you are missing out.” 

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The Sempre Fi & America’s Fund

This Memorial Day, we encourage you to donate to an organization that works tirelessly to support Veterans. Mo Mahoney suggests The Sempre Fi & America’s Fund as an organization to direct your financial contributions. The Sempre Fi & America’s Fund is dedicated to providing assistance to our combat wounded, critically ill and injured service members, military family members, and veterans, from all branches of the U.S. Armed Forces. 

Learn more about this foundation and donate here. 

Thank you to all of the United States Armed Service members. 

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