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Walking To Destiny – Five Year Anniversary!

For five years, Walking To Destiny has provided owners and advisors with the insights they need to successfully build value in their businesses. To celebrate the Five Year Anniversary of Walking to Destiny, we are selling the book for only $5.00!… read more

CEPA Referral Program – Growing the CEPA Community

Together we can make an impact. If you enjoyed your CEPA experience and you have gained significant knowledge, refer a friend and help build a community of advisors that can serve owners needs in three areas; Business, Personal and Financial.… read more

Dogs are Man’s Best Friend… A CEPA is an Owner’s Best Friend

We spoke with Erin Fenstermaker, a CEPA whose love for animals is so deep that she has made an entire career out of it. Erin is the Owner and Principal of EF Consulting, an Exit Planner at boutique investment bank, Birdseye Advisory Group, and just so happens to be a certified Dog Trainer. … read more