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How Leaders Make or Break a Business

Serving in a leadership position does not make someone a leader. At EPI, we believe in providing each member of our team with professional development opportunities to further their careers. That is where Transformational Leadership Training comes into play.… read more

CEPA Spotlight: Dyanne Ross-Hanson

The Exit Planning Industry encompasses business advisors and consultants from a wide spectrum of disciplines. We spoke with Dyanne Ross-Hanson, Founding Principal of Exit Planning Strategies, LLC., about her extensive career in exit planning, how the CEPA credential has impacted her business, and founding one of the strongest EPI Chapters. … read more

Memorial Day – Celebrating Veteran Business Owners

This Memorial Day, Exit Planning Institute honors all military veterans, both living and deceased, who have served the United States of America. We spoke with Ben VerWys, Founder and Senior Financial Advisor of Fiduciary Financial Advisors, about his path from the United States Navy to Financial Entrepreneur. … read more

Walking To Destiny – Five Year Anniversary!

For five years, Walking To Destiny has provided owners and advisors with the insights they need to successfully build value in their businesses. To celebrate the Five Year Anniversary of Walking to Destiny, we are selling the book for only $5.00!… read more