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Live Broadcast: Tuesday, October 16


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“Complex goals are often best achieved when you are not trying to achieve them directly.” That’s the advice from John Kay, a leading economist and Visiting Professor of Economics at the London School of Economics, a Fellow of St John’s College, Oxford.

And it’s very good advice when it comes to exit strategies. Right now, your business owner clients are probably not working on ending their businesses—they are trying to grow them. Yet at the same time, they still must work toward achieving the complex goal of making a great exit.

When it comes to transitioning out of business, most business owners probably don’t know what they don’t know. They may think it is just “cashing out of business” or an event rather than a process.


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In this webinar, we will discuss past client experiences that will shed light on the psychology of exit, as well as issues owners struggle with. We will then discuss how to navigate various business owner issues regarding exit.

Learning objectives:

  • The psychology of exit and why owners struggle with it
  • Understand how to get a business owner to think long-term and prepare for an exit
  • Examples of exit stories (successful and unsuccessful) and lessons learned

Presented by two industry experts:

MARK KRAVIETZ: Mark Kravietz, CIMA®, CFP®, CEPA is the Managing Director and Partner of MK Wealth Management at HighTower. He has been in the financial services industry since 1986 and leverages his wealth of experience to create strategies for clients that focus on supporting their financial lives. He is an award-winning exit planning professional and a regular contributor of best practices industrywide.

SARAH DJAMSHIDI: Ms. Djamshidi is the Managing Partner of SpeedShift Ventures. She has over 18 years of successful experience providing fiscal, strategic, operations and M&A leadership to board members, business owners and executives of more than 200 companies on growth, merger and acquisitions and business succession plans.


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“This Methodology is Going to Supercharge My Practice!” -Justin Goodbread, CEPA, CFP®

Official ‘Exit Planning’ Definition: Exit planning combines the plan, concept, effort, and process into a clear, simple strategy to build a business that is transferable through strong human, structural, customer, and social capital. The future of the business owner, his/her family, and the business itself are addressed by exit planning through creating value today.

Exit planning is not just a plan (or a keyed-in report to print out for an owner). It is a strategy rooted in execution that grows value while expanding options so that an owner can transition the business on his/her terms when they are ready. It aligns the business, personal, and financial needs of the owner. Good exit planning utilizes the Value Acceleration Methodology™ to move clients through discovery, prepare, and decide gates. Certified Exit Planning Advisors (CEPA) educate the owner on all of the exit options and enters an engagement with an exit-option-agnostic perspective as to truly serve the business owner’s diverse needs. CEPAs collaborate with a seasoned, multi-disciplinary team of professionals to support the success of the business owner and use each other’s specialties and expertise to the benefit of the project. [view the award-winning methodology]

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We are powered by a dedicated staff, industry experts, and market leaders, that are passionate about providing top professional advisors the best industry content, ongoing practice support, and owner education resources. From humble beginnings, EPI has grown to become the exit planning market leader while staying focused and true to our mission. We are an education company that certifies and supports more than 900 CEPAs (and counting) as well as thousands of advisors worldwide through national, regional, chapter, and virtual education. Explore our history and make plans to play a part in our future. [explore the EPI history timeline snapshot]

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The Exit Planning Institute creates an exit planning “ecosystem,” and due to the diverse nature of exit planning, EPI has fostered a hyper-engaged exit planning community. This community includes CEPAs, other collaborative advisors, strategic alliance partners, academicians, the media, and business owners from across the globe made up of 15 countries, 44 U.S. States and representing over a dozen different professional disciplines. To serve this elite and cross-functional community on one major platform, EPI produces the best content as it relates to exit planning, succession planning, and value acceleration, provides ongoing advisor support and practice development, and creates connectivity to transitioning business owners. [connect with us today]



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