What Topic Most Intrigues Professional Business Advisors?- LinkedIn Poll Results? – LinkedIn Poll Results

What Topic Most Intrigues Professional Business Advisors?- LinkedIn Poll Results

Last week we asked our Advisor community, “As a professional advisor to owners, which topic most intrigues you?” Here is what our Advisors had to say:

47% said Valuation and Value Enhancement
19% said Estate Planning
14% said Private Equity Recaps
19% said Marketing Strategy

EPI President, Scott Snider, provides a deeper look into this trivia:

These topics tend to trend inside of the EPI Community. The major three types of advisors in the EPI Community are financial advisors, CPAs, and consultants. They are joined by a diverse and robust group of advisors like attorneys, M&A advisors, bankers, insurance and risk advisors, life coaches, investment bankers, and brokers. The EPI community also includes some functional specialties like marketing consultants, IT advisors, and leadership and executive coaches.

These four topics represent some of the most critical topics to your success as an exit planning advisor. Business valuation and value growth is critical. Value enhancement conversations help owners understand their current value and the potential value of their business. These conversations also highlight their profit and value gaps as well as the weakness and strengths in their business.

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Exit options tend to be high on the list, no surprise the private equity ranks high. Most popular tends to be marketing strategy, especially amongst CEPAs. The question CEPAs ask is, “Now that I am a Certified Exit Planning Advisor with a more holistic approach and process, how do I differentiate myself amongst the competition and better engage owners?”

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