What Makes a Good Book? National Read a Book Day

What Makes a Good Book?

What makes a good book? We spoke to Julie Keyes and Justin Goodbread, EPI Faculty Members and published authors to learn more.… read more

Walking To Destiny – Five Year Anniversary!

For five years, Walking To Destiny has provided owners and advisors with the insights they need to successfully build value in their businesses. To celebrate the Five Year Anniversary of Walking to Destiny, we are selling the book for only $5.00!… read more

Are You Poised for Exit?

Keyes celebrates the release of her new book, “Poised for Exit: A Woman Entrepreneur’s Guide to Business Transition.” She describes Poised For Exit as, “a small book packed with super valuable information.” … read more

Spreading Exit Planning Awareness: 2019 The Gathering in Southern California

On Friday, February 22, Christopher and Scott Snider combined forces to deliver an interactive keynote speech at the fifteenth Gathering, hosted by the Southern California Institute. Their speech was a deep-dive into Snider’s recently released ebook, Fishing for Value: A Short Story about Succession Planning, Business Growth, and Exit, which complemented the conference’s theme of… read more

Accountant versus Spouse

Valentine’s day is coming this week and it got us thinking… The accountant consistently outranks the spouse as the most trusted advisor for business owners (across multiple markets). Looks like when it comes to business advice, romance is dead 🙂 When asked, “who is your most trusted advisor?” surveyed business owners ranked the Accountant number… read more