Panel Discussion – Deals from Buyers’ Perspectives


Panel Discussion - Deals from Buyers' Perspectives

During this discussion, you will learn what equity values and avoids in a potential acquisition. Hear strategic buyers perspective on jewels and traps around the integration process. Learn more about how independent buyers are impacted by raising interest rates and how COVID has impacted value and how buyers factor in the recovery in their valuation.

Learning Objectives

In this session, we will gain insight from buyers on how they evaluate and target companies.: 

  • What has changed or will change on the Buy side
  • What are attractive Industries for Investments
  • What makes businesses attractive and risky   


Meet the Presenter:

Learn from leading expert Darren Cherry.

Meet the Presenter


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This event will be held at CoHatch Polaris.

Address: 1554 Polaris Pkwy, Suite 325, Columbus, OH 43240


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About the Presenter

Darren Cherry

Darren Cherry

Meet Darren Cherry:

Darren Cherry Is an industry-leading exit advisor that has helped entrepreneurs put a combined $50 million more in their pockets at their exit. He is a fearless champion for owners over 45 whose wealth is trapped in the business. 

Darren uses his over 30 years of experience to visualize your business from the eyes of the buyer. His battle-tested strategies help owners go from fear today so that they can Nail Their Exit Tomorrow. 

Darren earned his B.S. in Business from Purdue University and his MBA from The Ohio State University. He holds certification and designations from the Exit Planning Institute [Certified Exit Planning Advisor], Value Builder Group [Certified Value Builder], Institute of Advisors [Certified Professional Business Advisor], Corporate Value Metrics [Corporate Value Growth Advisor], and the World Coaching Institute [Certified Coach].