Team Emotional Intelligence – Is it important for an Exit Strategy?


Team Emotional Intelligence – Is it important for an Exit Strategy?

When a business owner transitions the company to a financial or strategic buyer, how often do all the metrics look positive for the transaction but the business takes a downturn after the sale?  An often overlooked aspect of future success is the emotional intelligence of the team that is being acquired and how they will blend with the incoming team. This presentation will explore how a seller can communicate post-deal stability by leveraging the strength of the team and how to motivate them for best performance.


Learning Objectives:

  • What is team emotional intelligence and how is it determined?
  • Examples when all the metrics looked right for the sale but the business didn’t perform afterward due to issues with the team.
  • Does knowing a team’s emotional intelligence create value for the seller? How does the seller communicate the value?  Could the seller attract more or different buyers?
  • How will a potential buyer see value from a deeper understanding of the team being purchased? Would it matter to them? Equipped with this this knowledge, what can a buyer ask during the due diligence process?


About the Presenters:

Learn from industry experts, Mike Harrell, CEO of Latitude Advisors, LLC, and Frank Williamson, Founder of Oaklyn Consulting


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This meeting will be held at UBS Financial Services, Inc.

Address: One Union Square, 2nd Floor Conference Room, Chattanooga, Tennessee 37402


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About the Presenters

Mike Harrell

Mike Harrell

CEO of Latitude Advisors, LLC


Frank Williamson

Frank Williamson

Founder of Oaklyn Consulting


Continuing Education

This meeting qualifies for the following continuing education credits:

One (1) CPE hour

One (1) CFP® credit (pending approval)


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