Exit Planning Case Study: A Buyer’s Perspective


Exit Planning Case Study:
A Buyer’s Perspective

Has Rich looked at his company through a buyer’s perspective? As an owner, you may think your company is valuable, but that may not be the case from a buyer’s perspective. Join chapter experts as they dive into Rich Molnar’s value gap and lead a discussion on maximizing value and minimizing risk. In this session, you will work through a hands-on case study to build your exit planning acumen. Collaborate with an interdisciplinary team of advisors to gain experience you can directly apply to your practice.

For our sixth meeting of the year, we will be reviewing an exit planning case study. This will be a hybrid virtual/in-person event. We will leave 15-20 minutes at the end for networking, whether in-person or via virtual breakout rooms on Zoom.

Download the case study, “Pressure Solutions Inc.: An Exit Planning Case Study,” before the meeting. 


Learning Objectives:

This will be a peer share where attendees will share:

  • Identify recasted EBITDA to calculate the current value of Pressure Solutions, Inc.
  • Understand value gap and measure the potential value of Pressure Solutions, Inc.
  • Determine the relationships between tangibles and intangibles
  • Illustrate the approach to maximize value and minimize risk
  • Dissect a case study with fellow peers
  • View the process across multiple disciplines
  • Learn best practices from other professionals through the exit planning process
  • Create recommendations for how the business owner should move forward in the given scenario


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This meeting will be held In-Person and Virtually on Zoom.

In-Person Address: 1st Floor Conference Room, 61 Paramus Rd, Paramus, NJ 07652


The EPI New Jersey Local Chapter is different than other groups because it brings together a diverse group of professionals from a wide range of specialties that can naturally work collaboratively on exit planning, succession planning, value growth, transaction or any engagement from both sides of the equation. The chapter meets regularly to network, reconnect, grow knowledge, and sharpen their skills with a common goal: Change the outcome for transitioning business owners. Make plans to join us for future events and connect with the local leadership by visiting www.EPINewJersey.org.