Prioritizing Self-Care


Prioritizing Self-Care

Developing the operational competencies of your teams is only part of the equation when leading in an ever-changing economy.

The most effective organizations develop their key leaders, giving them the training, support and opportunities to grow and develop.

Taren’s company partners with companies and brands to develop leadership on both the team and individual level. They provide this support in coaching engagements that align all stakeholders with the bottom line.


Learning Objectives:

Attendees will have a better understanding of:

  • How companies can be most effective in developing their leaders on both a team and individual level
  • What approaches can help maximize a professional’s potential
  • How to develop your brand that creates a positive culture


About the Presenter:

Learn from our guest speaker Taren Sterry, MS, PCC, CT, Founder + Coach, Big Time Coaching.


Meet the Presenter


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This meeting will be held on Zoom.


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About the Presenter

Taren Sterry

Taren Sterry

MS, PCC, CT, Founder + Coach, Big Time Coaching

Meet Taren Sterry.

Professional 1:1 coaching, leadership training, and team development are the focuses of my practice. What makes me different from other coaches is my lighthearted, yet no-nonsense stand for personal and professional achievement.

My approach with clients is comprehensive (we talk about everything, not just what needs “improvement”), and my methodology is both ontological (who you are) and facilitative (how you do it).

When you work with me, you’ll get results in ways you might not expect. This is often from practicing new and uncomfortable “ways of being” and taking uncomfortable actions on purpose.

I’m not into quick fixes. They don’t work and they are a waste of your time and money. I work with my clients to transform in permanent ways so that their lives and businesses change for good.

Through our work, the power to create what you want becomes the reality of your daily existence with new levels of confidence, purpose and satisfaction.