The Deferred Sales Trust™: A Capital Gains Tax Deferral Solution


The Deferred Sales Trust™: A Capital Gains Tax Deferral Solution

The Deferred Sales Trust™ (DST) offers flexibility and provides an alternative to a 1031 exchange that can apply to your primary residence, investment property, or business. The DST is a trademarked strategy designed to minimize tax impacts for your real estate and business owner clients. Join Bob as he explains how it works and the various benefits such as: tax deferral; reduced estate taxes; conversion of an illiquid asset into estate liquidity; provision of retirement income; elimination of risk; and potential elimination of probate fees.


Learning Objectives:

  • Understand what the Deferred Sales Trust is as an alternative to a 1031 exchange
  • Understand ways to minimize tax impacts on real estate and business
  • Understand conversion of an illiquid asset into estate liquidity and how to eliminate risk
  • Understand how it may affect retirement income


About the Presenter:

Learn from industry expert Robert Binkele, CEO & Founder of Estate Planning Team.

Meet the Presenter


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This meeting will be held at Maggiano’s South Coast Plaza.

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About the Presenter

Robert Binkele

Robert Binkele

CEO & Founder of Estate Planning Team

Meet Robert Binkele.

Robert Binkele is the founder and CEO of Estate Planning Team (EPT), established in 1999 which provides brokers, CPAs, attorneys, real estate and insurance professionals with lead generation websites, marketing, and administrative support services to implement estate planning and capital gains deferral strategies for their clients. Estate Planning Team provides exclusive access to market the proprietary capital gains tax deferral strategy called the Deferred Sales Trust™. Members of Estate Planning Team have a proven record of securing substantial assets for management while helping their clients preserve their wealth.

Robert is an independent financial advisor with DST Wealth Management, LLC. Mr. Binkele has been securities licensed for over 23 years with previous experience as wealth manager for J.P. Turner & Company, LLC, Brookstreet Securities Corp, Raymond James Financial Services Inc., and Spelman Securities.

A San Luis Obispo, CA native, Robert earned his Bachelor of Science degree with a major in FCS Finance from the University of Utah. From 1985-1986, he played professional football as a center for the San Francisco 49ers.

Robert is also a member of the exclusive Forbes Finance Council. His professional accolades include: two-time member of the Raymond James Financial Services President’s Counsel, seven-time member of J.P. Turner & Company’s Founders Club, Pacific Life Leadership Club, Pimco Funds Chairman’s Counsel, US Allianz Presidents Club, SunAmerica Platinum Advisor, Prudential Masters Council, two-time Exceptional Customer Service award winner from COLE, and the Transamerica Circle of Excellence.

Robert splits his time between Dana Point, CA and Indian Wells, CA with his wife Kelly. They are the proud parents of two children, one son-in-law, and two adorable grandchildren. When he’s not working, Robert enjoys cruising around with family & friends on his boat.

Continuing Education

This meeting qualifies for the following continuing education credits:

One (1) CPE hour

One (1) CFP® hour


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