Business Owner Panel Discussion


Business Owner Panel Discussion

January’s meeting will be a roundtable of business owners that have sold, or are planning to sell, their businesses. It will be moderated by the EPI Utah Chapter’s Leadership Team. The discussions will focus on:  

  • How they prepared, or are preparing, to sell their business (succession planning, organizing themselves, knowing their finances) 
  • How they’ve identified, or plan to identify, buyers (customers, competitors, word of mouth, advisors including business brokers). 
  • What they care or cared about in selling their business – key decision drivers (e.g. upfront verses contingent consideration, the going forward reputation of business and relationships with key customers/suppliers/vendors/service providers, etc.). 
  • Any valuable tax tips, tricks, or planning elements in connection with the sale (e.g., things that led to receipt of the most ‘dollars and sense’ of for the business, including matters like net working capital adjustments, allocation of purchase price, and tax planning (use of advance planning trusts, contributions to charities, DAFs, etc.)).  

Learning Objectives:

  • Help business owners and their advisors better prepare for a sale
  • Help business owners and their advisors have a successful sale of their business
  • Help business owners and their advisors identify a plan to sell their business

About the Presenters:

Hear from industry experts Sean Roylance, fomerly of Rain POS, Van Pilkington, formerly of Pilkington Metal Finishing, and Connor MacArthur, formerly of Onsen, moderated by Brent Hawkins.

Thank you to our Sponsors:

This meeting will be held at Millrock Business Lounge, 1st Floor.

Address: 6510 South Millrock Drive, Salt Lake City, Utah 84121


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