Pivoting Effectively: Creating Resilient Businesses and the New Normal


Pivoting Effectively: Creating Resilient Businesses and the New Normal

This session will focus on marketing strategies for businesses in the New Normal environment. There is a need to shift to a new strategy to adapt to the instantaneous changes forced by the pandemic on businesses. This has directly relevance to business owners because it is a novel approach that addresses short-term survival, long-term growth and resilience.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the fundamental reason why businesses need to pivot in the new normal.
  • Help business owners change and redirect marketing and development strategies to grow their business.
  • Highlight the importance of marketing in opening sustainable opportunities for growth during and after the pandemic.


About the Presenter:

Learn from industry expert, Kathleen J. Tepley, Founder & CEO, Los Angeles Consulting Group (LACG).

Meet the Presenter


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About the Presenter

Kathleen J. Tepley

Kathleen J. Tepley

Founder & CEO, Los Angeles Consulting Group (LACG)

Meet Kathleen J. Tepley:

Kathleen Tepley is the CEO & Founder of Los Angeles Consulting Group (LACG), an international business development practice which primarily serves family offices, closely held operating business, philanthropic foundations, and differentiated service providers in the private capital markets.