November Property Tax Initiatives: The Impact of Changes in Prop. 13, 60 and 90


November Property Tax Initiatives: The Impact of Changes in Prop. 13, 60 and 90

Two important tax initiatives have qualified for the California November ballot, each of which could have a huge impact on real estate and succession planning. The first initiative will seek to exempt commercial property from the protections of Prop. 13, while the second will expand the ability of seniors to carry over their property tax basis to replacement properties. These initiatives, if passed, would impact almost every person in the state in some way, so understanding the initiatives would provide meaningful value to EPI members to use in strategizing their clients’ best interests.

Taxes serve not only to fund the government, but also as a psychological tool to reward or punish behavior. The two tax initiatives to be discussed shift tax obligations for commercial properties and for seniors in ways that will have numerous intended consequences, including raising additional funds to offset tax revenue loss from the Coronavirus, but their passage could also have unintended consequences. So, by defining and analyzing the two tax initiatives the speaker’s goal is to have EPI members understand the benefits and burdens involved, not only for themselves but also for their clients.

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Learning Objectives:

  • Tax initiatives will be defined and thoroughly analyzed
  • Relevant arguments for and against passage of the initiatives will be provided
  • Example scenarios will be discussed as to the likely ramifications should the initiatives be approved so that EPI members can better relate the issues to their clients


About the Presenter:

Learn from industry expert Don Lanson, Partner of the law firm of Manfredi, Levine, Eccles, Miller & Lanson APC.

Meet the Presenter


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About the Presenter

Don Lanson

Don Lanson

Partner of the law firm of Manfredi, Levine, Eccles, Miller & Lanson APC

Meet Don Lanson.

Don Lanson is a Partner of the law firm of Manfredi, Levine, Eccles, Miller & Lanson APC, and primarily practices in all aspects of real estate transactions and litigation, including easements, lot-lines, neighbor disputes, commercial and residential landlord/tenant, HOA, disclosure disputes, as well as ownership and maintenance issues. Additional practice areas include business formation, maintenance and disputes, estate and succession litigation, and general civil litigation matters.  Mr. Lanson’s proactive approach and wide foundation of experience allow clients to achieve their legal goals as efficiently as possible.

Mr. Lanson received his B.A. (1989) from California State University Northridge with a Major in Speech Communications, and his J.D. (1992) from Southwestern University. Mr. Lanson is admitted to practice in all Courts of the State of California and each of the Districts of the United States District Court, as well as the United States Bankruptcy Court, Central and Southern Districts, the Bankruptcy Appellate Panel for the Central District and the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.

Mr. Lanson currently serves as the Chair of the Planning Commission of the City of Thousand Oaks, as well as Group Leader of the Westlake 2 Chapter of ProVisors. He is fortunate to have been married to his amazing wife Hollis for almost 32 years, and is extremely proud of his two children: Matthew, who is a resident at Phoenix Children’s Hospital, and Madison, who is an attorney that just opened up her own estate planning practice. In the rare moments of free time, Mr. Lanson enjoys a friendly round of golf, hiking and discovering new travel destinations.

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