Using Customized Private Placement Life Insurance (CPPLI) as a Powerful Exit Planning Tool


Using Customized Private Placement Life Insurance (CPPLI) as a Powerful Exit Planning Tool

Hear from a client who implemented a CPPLI strategy as part of their tax planning.  Learn about ways your clients can greatly reduce their capital gains and estate tax while adding significant life insurance benefits with some tax savings.  Tax savings average 35% to 50% net, making sales more likely.  Once the sale takes place, use CPPLI to build completely customized portfolios for clients, holding nearly any investment including private equity and real estate.  You can later re-balance and de-risk customized portfolios for clients in a non-taxable environment.


Learning Objectives:

  • Learn the top line benefits of customized PPLI strategies for exit planning opportunities.
  • Learn how to identify, attract and retain larger clients through customized PPLI.
  • Hear from a client about the PPLI strategy implemented and the tax savings received by their family.


About the Presenter:

Learn from industry expert, Bradley Barros, President & CEO Private Risk Capital Client (To Be Named).

Meet the Presenter




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About the Presenter

Bradley Barros

Bradley Barros

President & CEO Private Risk Capital Client (To Be Named)

Meet Bradley Barros.

Bradley Barros is the co-founder and CEO of Private Risk Capital Development Advisors, LLC (PRCDA).  PRCDA is the only fee-based Bespoke PPLI design firm in the United States that exclusively uses its own patent-pending solutions.  PRCDA’s PPLI solutions are supported by numerous AmLaw 100 firms.  Private Risk exclusively supports wealth advisory firms and does not manage assets.  Mr. Barros’ career highlights includes founding a boutique multi-national insurance company that raised over $2 billion.  He also co-developed a global joint venture with a NYSE CPA firm.