The Most Valuable Businesses Are Transition Ready


The Most Valuable Businesses Are Transition Ready

Many business owners are mainly focused on the bottom line and tend to lack the same focus/time on their future plans and how they can enhance their value. Most transitions occur involuntarily or fail because they are not transition ready. They can’t control industry multiples, life or economic events- which is why it is very important to always be ready- even if a business owner is not interested in any future exit. 

In this session business owners will learn what it means to be transition ready and how they can increase their value.


Learning Objectives:

  • Learn why transition ready businesses are most valuable 
  • Learn exit/transition numbers industry wide 
  • Learn the 5 D’s that cause involuntarily exits and transitions 
  • Learn where you can start as a business owner 
  • Learn what makes a business owner ready  
  • Learn basics of value acceleration methodology


About the Presenter:

Learn from industry expert Sean Hutchinson, Leader in Value Acceleration.

Meet the Presenter


The EPI Pittsburgh Local Chapter is different than other groups because it brings together a diverse group of professionals from a wide range of specialties that can naturally work collaboratively on exit planning, succession planning, value growth, transaction or any engagement from both sides of the equation. The chapter meets regularly to network, reconnect, grow knowledge, and sharpen their skills with a common goal: Change the outcome for transitioning business owners. Make plans to join us for future events and connect with the local leadership by visiting

About the Presenter

Sean Hutchinson, CEPA

Sean Hutchinson, CEPA

Leader in Business Value Acceleration

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