Quantifying & Closing the Value Gap


Quantifying & Closing the Value Gap

Experience suggests that the number one reason that companies fail to sell (and Founders fail to achieve their financial and retirement goals) is simple: the company wasn’t worth enough.   So it stands to reason that we improve the odds of success by getting a baseline for current value, assessing the gap based on the Founder’s objectives, and implementing a plan to close that gap.  During this session Dan will take us through a framework to do just that.


Learning Objectives:

    • Understand how incorrect assumptions regarding Enterprise Value sabotage deals and retirement
    • Understand a framework to measure and close the “value gap” and improve the odds of a successful deal


About the Presenter:

Hear from guest presenter, Dan Doran, Founder – Value Scout.

Meet the Presenter


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About the Presenter

Dan Doran

Dan Doran

Founder - Value Scout & Quantive

Meet Dan Doran.

As Founder of both Value Scout and Quantive, Dan splits his time between running a SaaS company as well as overseeing a traditional investment banking practice with Quantive.

At Value Scout Dan is responsible for product vision and roadmap. Value Scout’s vision is to be the “value creation resource of choice for entrepreneurs and their advisors.” With Quantive Dan oversees the company’s M&A, value growth consulting, and valuation practices. He still takes on a limited number of clients directly to keep his skills sharp (and if honest because he loves the thrill of running an M&A deal!)

In the two decades Dan has been involved with thousands of valuation assignments and hundreds of M&A deals. He’s experienced the high’s and low’s alongside clients throughout- which drives his passion helping entrepreneurs achieve more value in their companies.

Early in his career Dan was a key member in a bankruptcy turnaround / leveraged buyout, and worked at GE on large restructuring projects.  He was also an active duty Army Officer (Cavalry – Scouts Out!).

In his spare time Dan is an avid outdoors enthusiast, has climbed mountains the world over, and enthusiastically tries to see the farthest corner of the world.


U.S. Military Academy, West Point


Certified Valuation Analyst
Certified Exit Planning Advisor