Innovative Tax Planning for Business Owners


Innovative Tax Planning for Business Owners

Join industry leaders and great friends, Stuffy and Bruce, as they take us through planning for each an ophthalmologist ($500k income) and a plastic surgeon ($3mil income).  Learn the twists and turns and eventual choices to radically reduce current income taxes, as well as solve for retirement income planning, asset protection, estate tax mitigation, and resolving collaborative advisor challenges.

Since we cannot meet face to face, join the EPI Orange County chapter for a virtual chapter meeting. Upon registration, you will receive access to the broadcast link.


Learning Objectives:

  • Learn the uses of Legal Structures and Life Insurance to Reduce or Eliminate Estate Tax, Capital Gains Tax and Ordinary Income Tax
  • Plan for retirement income, asset protection, estate tax mitigation


About the Presenter:

Learn from industry experts Simon “Stuffy” Singer, Founder at Center For Tax Strategies and Resources.

Meet the Presenter


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About the Presenter

Simon “Stuffy” Singer

Simon “Stuffy” Singer

Founder at Center For Tax Strategies and Resources

Meet Simon “Stuffy” Singer.

Simon “Stuffy” Singer is a Certified Financial Planner®, Chartered Advisor in Philanthropy®, and Registered Financial Consultant. He has been in the financial industry for over 50 years and is recognized as being in the top one-tenth of one percent of all financial service professionals.

He is the co-author of five books: “Twenty-First Century Wealth”; “Family Wealth Counseling – Getting to the Heart of the Matter”; “Love, Money, Control”; Retire Abundantly”; and “15 Biggest Tax Mistakes”. He is also a nationally acclaimed lecturer, giving numerous presentations each year.

Stuffy’s company, the Advisor Consulting Group, specializes in providing financial and estate planning assistance to clients of CPA firms and law firms. These firms specialize in executive/owner compensation and zero estate tax planning for wealthy individuals and closely-held businesses.

He is a member of several prestigious financial organizations: The International Association for Financial Planning, The Advisors in Philanthropy, and AALU. He is also a former Board Member and past President and CEO of the Forum 400, the preeminent association of financial service professionals. In 2017, Simon was awarded the Humanitarian of the Year honors presented by the Forum 400.

Continuing Education

This meeting qualifies for the following continuing education credits:

One (1) CPE Hour

One (1) CEPA Credit

NOTE: Proper documentation must be collected and submitted to qualify for continuing education. For questions regarding awarded continuing education credits, please contact the Exit Planning Institute (EPI).