Case Study: 3 Partners, 3 Designs


Case Study: 3 Partners, 3 Designs

Join the collaborative exit planning team of this actual very recent case where 3 major shareholders of a $200million+ business first put in an ESOP of 35% of the company and then went on to consider the balance of their planning.  The advisory team will share the triggering event, case facts, collaborative challenges/successes, and each partner’s business succession plan.   Compare and contrast both design plans based on their very different life goals, family/spouse, and belief in future company profits.


Learning Objectives:

  • Business Succession discovery – from two partner perspectives
  • Estate and tax planning strategies – for each partner’s family current and future lifestyle needs/goals
  • Exit planning advisory team roles, hiccups, and collaborative process


About the Presenters:

Learn from industry experts Joe Strazzeri, Esq., Counselor and Attorney for Successful Families and Business Owners. Educator for Wealth Advisors, George Castrillon, CFP, CEPA, CPFA, and Additional Advisory Team Members.

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About the Presenters

Joe Strazzeri, Esq.

Joe Strazzeri, Esq.

Counselor and Attorney for Successful Families and Business Owners. Educator for Wealth Advisors

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George Castrillon