Peer Share / Best Practices


Peer Share / Best Practices

Based on the feedback received from 2020 and 2021, the Peer Share / Best Practices meetings provided a truly collaborative environment to discuss a variety of topics each meeting, get perspective from many different lenses, and receive insights that can be applied to real-world situations. Although 2022 will include more variety of meetings, you were heard, and these Peer Share / Best Practice meetings will continue to play an important role in bringing together thought leaders from the business owner ecosystem in the Southeast Michigan area and beyond.

A new element for 2022 will be the introduction of a Case Study that will be referenced throughout the entire year. There will be three dedicated Case Study meetings with a Peer Share / Best Practices meeting taking place the month prior. With that said the topics that will be covered in these Case Study meetings will be used to guide the conversations in the Peer Share / Best Practices meetings.

Don’t worry…the free-flowing open dialogue will be the same so come ready to discuss whatever is most helpful for you and your business as everyone can learn from those discussions.


You will be the presenter!

We hope that everyone is a speaker at some point during the meeting…this will be a guided dialogue that is completely interactive and dynamic.


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About EPI Local Chapters

EPI Chapters bring together a local community of professional advisors to collaborate, address unique needs and topics, develop best practices, build awareness, experience valuable professional continuing education, and build their COI network with like-minded individuals within the exit planning industry and related professions. Whether you are a CEPA member of EPI or not, all are welcome to attend.  Join the next local chapter meeting or event in your area.

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The EPI Southeast Michigan Local Chapter is different than other groups because it brings together a diverse group of professionals from a wide range of specialties that can naturally work collaboratively on exit planning, succession planning, value growth, transaction or any engagement from both sides of the equation. The chapter meets regularly to network, reconnect, grow knowledge, and sharpen their skills with a common goal: Change the outcome for transitioning business owners. Make plans to join us for future events and connect with the local leadership by visiting

Open Discussion

We hope that everyone is a speaker at some point during the meeting…

this will be a guided dialogue that is completely interactive and dynamic.