“Lean” is Out, “Big Lean’ is Now IN


"Lean" is Out, "Big Lean' is Now IN

Lean is over 65 years old!  In St. Louis and around the world it has been widely adopted.  So what can be new with something so old?

The answer is “Big Lean”, the application of Supply Chain Management tools to drive waste out of your Supply Chain, and the adoption of Balanced Performance Scorecards to drive and monitor Lean activities.


Learning Objective:

  • Refresh on the concept of “Lean” and how it impacts a company’s value
  • Gain an understanding of how companies are starting to drive the Lean concept both upstream and downstream
  • Learn how to connect Lean activities to measurable changes in performance


About the Presenter:

Learn from Mitch Millstein, Ph.D., Entrepreneur, Lean and Supply Chain Consultant.

Meet the Presenter


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About the Presenter

Mitch Millstein, Ph.D.

Mitch Millstein, Ph.D.

Entrepreneur, Lean and Supply Chain Consultant

Meet Mitch Millstein, Ph.D.

Mitch Millstein, Ph.D. is an Entrepreneur, Lean and Supply Chain Consultant and Academic Researcher.  For over 23 years he has been helping companies in St. Louis and around the world implement Lean and Supply Chain Management to profitably grow sales.  He has helped over 132 clients implement more than 500 supply chain improvement projects.  He earned his Ph.D. in logistics and supply chain management at the University of Missouri – St. Louis, has an MBA from Washington University and an Engineering degree from Rutgers University.  He is President of Supply Velocity, Co-Founder of Optimal Velocity and a Professor of Logistics and Supply Chain Management at UMSL.