Estate Planning in View of Transition


Estate Planning in View of Transition

Estate planning in view of a business transition, including gifting, transition to children, key employees, or sale to third party.  We will review any estate law changes and their implication on estate planning.


Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the current U.S. gift and estate tax laws.
  • Understand how these concepts can be applied to a business owner.
  • Understand what current opportunities exist including those that may not be available in the future because of both scheduled changes and potential changes to U.S. tax laws.


About the Presenter:

Learn from industry expert Dan Borst, Partner, Warner Norcross + Judd.

Meet the Presenter



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This meeting will be held virtually on Zoom


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About the Presenter

Dan Borst

Dan Borst

Partner, Warner Norcross + Judd

Meet Dan Borst.

Daniel Borst designs estate plans for individuals, families, and those with family-owned businesses. He enjoys listening to clients, understanding each client’s unique needs, and the problem-solving nature of his role. Dan counsels clients through the intricacies of trust and probate laws and works with clients to develop plans to manage and protect wealth, plan for uncertainty and pass assets from one generation to the next while avoiding unnecessary taxes. Dan often “quarterbacks” teams of financial experts to effectively implement estate planning strategies. He also creates business succession plans and pre-nuptial agreements to make life’s most trying challenges – divorce, death, and the division of family assets – not easy, but more predictable and less stressful.