Company Culture: The Hidden Impact to Valuation


Company Culture: The Hidden Impact to Valuation

Business owners have a lot to manage: budgets, revenue, expense reduction, marketing, product, people, and culture.  What on this list gets the least attention?  Usually culture.  When Peter Drucker famously said “culture eats strategy for breakfast”, he recognized that no matter what course you set for the business, it is the culture – what people believe and how they behave – that determines what outcomes are possible.  Culture directly affects how your employees feel, which is measured through engagement.  Companies with engaged employees pull in 2.5X more revenues than competitors with low engagement and highly engaged business teams result in 21% greater profitability.  So why don’t we pay more attention?

This session will provide:

  • Definition of culture
  • Impact to valuation
  • Type of culture that produces optimal value
  • Steps to nudge culture towards value

Learning Objectives:

  • Clear definition of culture
  • How culture impacts business valuation
  • The type of culture that produces optimal value
  • How to nudge your culture towards value


About the Presenter:

Learn from industry expert Becky Andree, Vertical Leadership Consulting, about the hidden impact of company culture.

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About the Presenter

Becky Andree

Becky Andree

Vertical Leadership Consulting

Meet Becky Andree.

Becky spent 25+ years in Fortune 500 companies, experiencing first-hand the pressures facing leaders today and the importance of human capital strategies.  Her understanding of business and innovative talent strategies have returned millions of dollars to the bottom line.  Currently, she works with small to medium sized organizations to implement programs that develop overall team potential and result in a more engaged, higher-performing team that maximizes overall organizational potential.  Becky earned her MA in Human & Organizational Systems from Fielding Graduate University and is currently a doctoral candidate in Human & Organizational Development at Fielding Graduate University researching the impact of leader’s cognitive complexity on high-quality connections.