When Your Client’s “Familiness” is an Obstacle

to the Value Acceleration Process


When Your Client's "Familiness" is an Obstacle to the Value Acceleration Process

Businesses owned and/or owner-operated businesses are impacted in many ways by the ownership family.  Sometimes this impact is clear and negative – as is the case when family members are in active conflict about business issues.  Sometimes this impact is clear and very positive – as is the case when a family name creates significant brand equity (Smucker’s Jelly.)   The most challenging situation, however, is when the Value Acceleration Process is delayed or stopped by an unresolved or “hidden” family issue.

This workshop will help CEPA’s understand the multiple ways in which family ownership can impact the success of the Value Acceleration Process – both positively and negatively.  Most importantly, we will identify specific actions that a CEPA can take to both identify and address these “Familiness” issues.  Finally, the workshop will clarify what a CEPA should expect from a Family Enterprise Advisor.


Learning Objectives:

  • Five key ways that Familiness can impact the Value Acceleration Process.
  • Four specific questions every CEPA should ask when working with a family business
  • The telltale signs that a family issue is blocking your progress
  • The key skills that a Family Enterprise Advisor should bring to your work



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About the Presenter

Mike McGrann, CEPA, MA, MBA

Mike McGrann, CEPA, MA, MBA

Partner & Senior Consultant, The Telos Group

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Mike has worked with family firms and family offices from across the world. He teaches and coaches in the areas of entrepreneurship, strategic planning, and family enterprising. He serves on the Board of several growing companies and is the founding partner of The TELOS Group, a consulting firm focused on growth and transition strategies for enterprising families.

Mike has worked at several universities—teaching, conducting research, and starting new programs. Most recently he founded the Initiative for Family Business and Entrepreneurship at Saint Joseph’s University in Philadelphia, PA.

Mike is a seasoned speaker and teacher on all aspects of family enterprise. He blends stories, knowledge and experience in a way that engages and holds the attention of their audience. Sometimes challenging but always entertaining, topics are tailored to each groups needs and supported by content that ignites further discussion.

Mike grew up in Colorado and now lives outside Philadelphia.  He has two sons in college, three dogs and a hermit crab named Squishy. He loves skiing, hiking, and just about any other outdoor activity.

The Telos Group is a global consulting company that provides hands on and practical strategies and structures required for multi-generational success in family enterprises.

Connect with the Presenter: The Telos Group  |  Website: www.telosgroup.com  |

Phone: (610) 888-8816 |  Email: Connect with Mike