Dissecting the Triggering Event


Dissecting the Triggering Event

Regardless of your primary discipline, all CEPAs should be promoting the use of a Triggering Event to begin the value acceleration process. Why? Because it triggers a flurry of action. Using an example of a Triggering Event completed in 2020, in this webinar, Chris Snider, the creator of “The Triggering Event” and the Value Acceleration Methodology will dissect key deliverables and metrics that make a Triggering Event so compelling and intriguing that it triggers action 70 percent of the time.


Learning Objectives:

  • Who participates in a Triggering Event?
  • Compelling metrics collected and presented to the client and why they trigger action
  • The Deliverable – what is included?
  • The Deliverable Workshop – how to present the results



About the Exit Planning in Action Series:

This webinar series is full of deep dive case studies and real-life stories from the field. Learn how the Value Acceleration Methodology is implemented with business owners in both the early stages (pre-client) and the exit planning and value growth processes (client stage). Experts will introduce their stories and utilize case studies to dive deep into specific exit planning ecosystem topics over the course of a two-hour interactive and engaging virtual session.

The EPI Exit Planning in Action Webinar Series is a FREE web-based continuing education presentation for EPI members and the general public. Topics for the webinars complement the EPI Value Acceleration Methodology, a process created by Christopher Snider, and taught in or at the Certified Exit Planning Advisor (CEPA) Program. These one-hour educational broadcasts are taught by industry experts from across the nation. Review upcoming broadcasts below.



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About the Presenter

Christopher Snider, CEPA

Christopher Snider, CEPA

Exit Planning Institute

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Chris Snider, CEPA, CEO of the Exit Planning Institute, is the award-winning author of Walking to Destiny: 11 Actions an Owner Must Take to Rapidly Grow Value & Unlock Wealth, a business strategy book about the Value Acceleration Methodology™ written for business owners and the advisors who serve them. For his written work and his contributions to the industry, Snider has been awarded recent honors that include 2016 NACVA Industry Titan Architect and 2016 AM&AA Thought Leader of the Year. With a message that resonates with entrepreneurs across the country, Chris is a sought-after speaker for many major companies and trade industries dedicated to serving the transition and growth needs of business owners. He built his career as a key value growth integrator for major companies including The Sherwin Williams Company, FedEx Logistics, Nike, Dell, and Textron. Finding passion in changing middle market business owners’ lives through rapid growth projects, Chris emerged a game-changer, noting a milestone project with a family owned private company that he helped grow from $90 million to over $240 million in three years and successfully selling to a multi-national strategic buyer. Now with a wealth of experience and a proven value acceleration system, Chris established a family investment company with his son (Scott Snider) called Snider Premier Growth (SPG). As the managing partner of SPG, he and Scott have ownership stakes in eight lower-middle market businesses. Christopher Snider is an esteemed member of the CEPA community. Connect with him and other competitive professionals at www.FindACEPA.com.

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