Master Class: Exit Planning Advisor Webinar


Master Class: Exit Planning
Advisor Webinar

This webinar is crafted for Certified Exit Planning Advisors looking to better understand how to build a successful consulting business that stands out above all of the noise and growth in the industry. This masterclass webinar will present a case study utilizing the sale of a $72 million business and breakdown process, revenue opportunities and how having the right platform can attract similar clients.


Learning Objectives:

  • The Foundation of your business is PROCESS
  • Quantify new (and all) revenue opportunities
  • Ability to answer this question: Is my business built on the right platform?


About the EPI Free Exit Planning Education Series:

The EPI Educational Webinar Series is a FREE monthly web-based continuing education presentation for EPI members and the general public. Topics for the webinars complement the EPI Value Acceleration Methodology, a process created by Christopher Snider, and taught the Certified Exit Planning Advisor (CEPA) Program. These one-hour educational broadcasts are taught by industry experts from across the nation. Register today and enhance your exit planning knowledge every month with EPI!


Exit planning is one of the fasting growing industries in the financial/professional services industry and EPI is committed to bringing you the best industry content, right at your fingertips! We are proud to offer hundreds of free webinars each year to keep you current on technical, business development, and special interest topics: designed to help you sharpen your skills and advance your career.

Brett Dearing is a Certified Exit Planning Advisor® (CEPA), and has been working closely with privately-held businesses for over 27 years. Mr. Dearing is a valued advisor that has sat alongside business owners to assist in working through the complexities of transitioning a family business, structuring comprehensive succession plans for business owners while providing a proven action planning process for growth planning. Mr. Dearing’s passion for assisting business owners has fueled his willingness to participate at speaking engagements or in educational platforms that focus on driving better outcomes through educating and preparing business owners for the sale of their business.

Mr. Dearing has a nationally accomplished network of business advisors that he utilizes to assist in executing his business and action planning for his business owner’s clients.  He specializes in preparing the business and the business owner for transaction while maximizing Enterprise Value.  In addition, Mr. Dearing utilizes his network to focus on assisting clients with mergers & acquisitions, recapitalizations, private equity purchases, strategic acquisitions, spin-out acquisitions, tuck-in strategies, ESOPs and company valuation & analysis.

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Phone: (212) 62-3310  |  LinkedIn: Connect with Brett