Fear in the Family Business: How to Approach This Powerful Emotion


Fear in the Family Business: How to Approach This Powerful Emotion

Whether you’re a family member or an advisor, you see how fear grips the family business and interferes with exit planning. The first instinct is to avoid difficult conversations and put off critical decisions. However, you know what happens when those conversations and decisions are ignored. So how can you help the family address this powerful emotion in a constructive and meaningful way? During this webinar, learn how fear shows up in the family business and strategies for managing it in a way that moves the family and business forward.


Learning Objectives:

  • The one thing more feared than change
  • Six ways fear shows up in the family business
  • Five strategies for managing fear constructively



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About the Presenter

Kyle Danner

Kyle Danner

MA, CEPA, Family Business Advisor

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As a CEPA with family business clients, Kyle Danner knows you want to position the business for the future. However, you can’t just focus on the family business. You must focus on the family, too.

That’s why Kyle started Kyle Danner, Solutions for Family Businesses. Not only is he a CEPA, but he’s also been a part of every aspect of a family business. He grew up in and worked in a family business and owned a business with his family. He also knows what it’s like to leave the family business and start a new chapter in life.

If you need help with your family business clients, contact Kyle to get started.

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