Find, Get, & Keep More Customers


Find, Get, & Keep More Customers

One of the biggest challenges any business encounters is finding and keeping customers. To be truly successful, marketing, sales and operations need to be on the same page. However, misalignment between customer expectations set during the marketing and sales process to what occurs during the customer experience can be drastically different. Discover the secrets to getting everyone on the same page and staying there.

We will walk through the customer life cycle from beginning to end, providing tools for measuring current state and envisioning future state. We will share a model for developing customer personas that will not only help your business but also your client’s business. We will wrap up with a case study that demonstrates the value of organic growth vs focusing all your sales efforts on new customer acquisition.


Learning Objectives:

  • Learn how to evaluate the customer experience at each stage of the life cycle.
  • Understand the importance and impact of creating customer personas.
  • Increase value through organic growth.



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About the Presenter

Linda Ruffenach

Linda Ruffenach

Chief Strategist, Execuity LLC

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Linda Ruffenach has many passions including a love for business, a taste for bourbon and a unique way of blending the two. She has been in marketing and customer care for over 20 years growing a small startup to a $100+ million international enterprise. As the founder of Execuity, she serves as Chief Strategist to CEOs and business owners, executing strategies that increase business valuation and help them plot the journey to an eventual exit.

Linda is also the founder of Whisky Chicks and author of the bestselling book, How to be a Bourbon Badass. During her career, she has broken down many perceived barriers including the idea that whisk(e)y is strictly a man’s drink. Let her share the parallels observed between the business world and the spirits industry and learn from her personal stories as a female CEO, entrepreneur, author and Certified Executive Bourbon Steward.

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