The Overlooked Owner: A Key Factor in Determining Business Value

The Overlooked Owner: A Key Factor in Determining Business Value

How do you help owners determine their company’s value?

Your gut might tell you first to examine financial performance or analyze the competitive landscape. Although these are worthwhile exercises, recent research uncovers a different lens to look through.

A study of 1,511 companies reveals one commonly omitted factor when assessing value – the business owner themselves.

We’re hosting a webinar on WednesdayNovember 17, at 1pm ET to walk through the key insights from the study. Join us live and get the data behind how the owner can predict up to 53% difference in company value between two seemingly similar companies.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • How this insight can help you when identifying a business owner’s triggering event.
  • What 4 areas in the exit preparation process can lead to a 36% increase in business value.
  • Proactive steps your clients can take to ensure they are helping, not hurting their company’s value.
  • 3 common reasons business owners exit their company and how each affects business value.


About the Presenter:

This webinar will be presented by Laura Ferguson, Vice President, Sales & Business Development at The Value Builder System™.

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About the Presenter

Laura Ferguson

Laura Ferguson

Vice President, Sales & Business Development,
The Value Builder System™


Laura Ferguson is the Vice President, Sales & Business Development at The Value Builder System™, and her mission is to help business advisors (and their clients) succeed. As a former business consultant and entrepreneur, Laura specializes in helping business owners in the start-up phase with sales, marketing, and operations. In addition, she is a passionate public speaker and mindset coach that enjoys sharing insights into the psychology of selling. Laura continues to bring a customer-first focus into each role she tackles, positively impacting both the publishing and non-profit space before joining The Value Builder System™ in 2017.

The Value Builder System™ is a Practice Management Software that helps Business Advisors automate their processes to win and keep the best clients. Our platform includes tools which enables you to attract, qualify, nurture, convert and advise owners on building the value of their company. The Value Builder System™ offers three cloud-based discovery questionnaires you can use to attract and qualify leads. Our marketing automation platform enables you to nurture and advance your contacts. The Value Builder System™ also includes a valuation algorithm that you can use to benchmark and track the value of your client’s business. Our cloud-based Learning Management System (LMS) enables you to advise your clients through the essential steps of building value.