How to Build a More Compelling Pay Strategy That Retains and Rewards Key Talent


How to Build a More Compelling Pay Strategy That Retains and Rewards
Key Talent

Too many business leaders discover too late that their compensation offering is inadequate. They lose a key player or fail to secure a top recruit because their value proposition just isn’t compelling. A pay strategy cannot be an afterthought. It has to be approached strategically and comprehensively or you will fail to attract, develop and retain premier talent. But how do you do that? What does a compelling pay program look like and where do you begin if you want to develop one? Now you no longer need to wonder. This webinar will give you comprehensive insight into how to build a rewards strategy that is both complete and compelling. It shares the secrets of experts who have spent the last 20 years designing successful rewards strategies for hundreds of businesses.


Learning Objectives:

  • How to determine what “job” you need your pay strategy to do for you.
  • How to develop a pay philosophy that reflects the performance culture you want to create.
  • Why your compensation plan needs to be “complete” to be compelling—and what it should include to be “complete.”
  • What employees value in a pay package and why it’s important to look at compensation the way they do.
  • What to consider in paying millennial employees.
  • What it means to take a “Total Rewards” approach to your pay strategy.
  • How to communicate your value proposition and take control of your employer brand.


About the Exit Solutions Alliance Webinar Series:

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As an entrepreneur who understands how to grow a company (and support the people that power the results), Tom is one of the most experienced business planning professionals in the industry. He specializes in the design, implementation, funding and the administration of executive and key employee incentive plans.

In collaboration with a network of organizations and top brands, Tom develops stay bonuses, stock appreciation rights, phantom stock plans, executive deferred compensation plans and performance-based incentives for hundreds of companies who want to:

  • Attract top talent for C-suite
  • Implement incentive plans that improve top-line results
  • Foster long-term employee engagement
  • Improve employee moral
  • Increase internal innovation and strategic thinking
  • Fund competitive compensation packages
  • Retain key leaders while protecting the business
  • Command the highest price when selling interests / transitioning ownership to next generation

Create the high-producing company culture where your employees grow skills, contribute value, think like owners, and ultimately stay.

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