Increase awareness of you and your clients’ behaviors to get engaged, compensated, and valued for the work you love the most.

One of the most common questions we hear from Certified Exit Planning Advisors is “how do you actually cause owner engagement?”

The simple answer is . . . It’s about mindset.

Engaging families for business exit planning doesn’t have to be cumbersome.

In today’s economic and business landscape, affluent families are more ready than ever to address business exit planning. Thousands of advisors are diligently learning the craft and offering the work. So why aren’t more advisors knocking it out of the park financially and relationally in this practice area?

Through our teaching and speaking with thousands of successful advisors, and hundreds of affluent families, we have seen three common obstacles:

  • Advisors successfully engage families for the early-stage assessments, then hit a wall when it comes to converting to a comprehensive business exit planning engagement.
  • There’s tension between the new practice area and the bread and butter of how you make money. When do you discuss or resurface your core practice area? How do you have the conversation confidently and effectively?
  • And then there’s that lifelong trepidation that every advisor faces: How do you know what you don’t know? What if you get caught not knowing? One false start could jeopardize a big, financially important client.

Welcome to our new course: Behind the Conversation. Finally, there’s a forum to address the true, underlying obstacles to doing this important work. Find compassion in knowing your advisory peers are facing the same struggles. Prevail with fresh thinking, boots-on-the-ground language and tools, and crucial post-course integration support to keep you on track when life gets in the way.

This Course Will Help You:

Realize Your Quiet Confidence

  • Increase your critical thinking and self-reflection to identify the value of you and how to relate it.
  • Commit to a We-driven mentality and detailed collaborative process.
  • Have more profound conversations that lead to deeper engagements.

Increase Owner Engagement

  • Gain trust and connection with business owners and their advisors by partnering with them and creating a safe place to dig deeper.
  • Develop your own approach for engaging the right clients for the right reasons at the right time.
  • Reward your clients and reward your revenue.

Develop and Commit to Personal and Business Action Plans

  • Refine your language and the relentless commitment to using it in every conversation.
  • Cause experience transference through tools that set you apart and remove you from the “box.”


It’s a Personal Thing  . . .

Behind the Conversation will help you take a deeper look at yourself and use your personal combination of personality, skills, and life experience to develop your own unique blend and approach to landing more profound and lasting engagements.

About the Instructors

Joseph Strazzeri, Esq., CEPA

Joseph Strazzeri, Esq., CEPA

Co-Founder and Principal, The Founders Group


Shelley Lightfoot, CEPA

Shelley Lightfoot, CEPA

Executive Director, The Founders Group


About the Southern California Institute (SCI)

SCI is a Thought Leader Community providing resources, education, and advice via collaborative think tanks, events, programs, online content, and introductions.

Joe Strazzeri, Steve Mancini (Co-owners), and Shelley Lightfoot (Executive Director), of SCI as well as Strazzeri Mancini LLP and The Founders Group, know through their teaching and thousands of professional advisor interactions, that exit/transition planning has become a hot topic.  But as these advisors attempt to forge that marketplace, they are facing many challenges:

Having worked with business owners and their related family business succession needs for over 20 years – Joe and Steve have developed a reputation for “resolving messes” using a unique blend of technical knowledge, counseling skills, and experience/team-driven practice management. Through the Behind the Conversation (BTC) program, Joe and Shelley will generously share their secrets for successfully tackling and prevailing over these obstacles.

Through SCI’s 200+ events each year (as well as the nationally recognized Laureate in Wealth Strategies Program), Joe, Shelley, and their partners within the Care to Know Family of Resources, provide thought leadership and a community where advisors can learn from each other.  This We-driven mindset is transformational when you don’t have to master the answer to every client quandary. Instead, you become courageously armed with the right questions and resources.

Learn the “secret sauce” from industry leaders who not only teach it, but actually attract, engage, and work with business owners and their families to solve their succession planning needs every day.