EPI MythBusters – You Can Solve Issues in Your Business During the Sale Process

How COVID-19 has Impacted Black Friday

Here at EPI, we have four amazing Black Friday Packages for this year. We are changing course and offering a variety of Black Friday promotions for virtual events, membership upgrades, book offers, and access to amazing content libraries. … read more

Growing our EPI Team during a Pandemic

Since the pandemic hit, we have promoted two employees to team lead positions, hired new talent to grow our team, and have actively participated in leadership training and continuing education courses. … read more

The “Family” in your Family-Owned Business

CEPA training covers the nuances in dealing with a Family-Owned business versus a corporate business. Highlighting key stress areas in Family-Owned businesses will provide your clients with more value in their exit plan. … read more

Happy Halloween from EPI!

We know a lot of thought and planning goes into your business exit, but how much thought and planning do you put into your Halloween Costumes?… read more