How to Use Key Employee Incentives to Increase Value and Sales Price


Ask the Expert Broadcast: How to Use Key Employee Incentives to Increase Value and Sales Price

One of a business owner’s greatest challenges is to attract, motivate, and keep key employees.  As owners approach the end of the marathon of exiting their businesses, often tired and distracted by everything they’ve done, they begin to assume that it is no longer worthwhile to keep and motivate key employees.  However keeping key employees is not only worthwhile but also necessary if the business is to be sold at the highest possible price.

A basic premise of key-employee incentive planning is to keep the key employee as a long-term, contributing member of the company.  Consequently, incentive plans incorporate relatively long vesting schedules and provide benefits that are relatively moderate in the early years but become substantial as the years pass.

Business owners considering a sale to a third party must take every reasonable step to ensure that their key employees remain at their posts, even as the owners prepare to leave theirs.  The key employees’ efforts are critical to maximizing the business’ eventual sales price as the owner’s attention wanes or is diverted.

This webinar will provide an overview of the process and solutions that are often used to help business owners overcome the challenge of recruiting, rewarding and retaining key employees and how to engage an expert in this field.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn why providing these incentives are critical to the exit planning process
  • Learn more about the process and solutions used in these incentive programs
  • Learn how to engage a CEPA expert to address this issue for your clients

About the Summit:

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Meet the Presenter

Meet Thomas. Thomas works with bankers, business leaders and physicians. Before joining SWBC Investment Services as an Executive Benefits and Business Planning Advisor, he helped form the Bank Strategies division of M Benefits Solutions, a wholly owned subsidiary of M Financial Group. Since 2002, he has worked confidentially with senior executives, directors and business owners on matters of strategy and growth. He has worked with over 400 corporations and financial institutions and frequently speaks at industry conferences on these subjects.

As senior business advisor for SWBC, Mr. Jordan guides business owners in growth and valuation strategies, exit plans, and executive compensation solutions. He has helped over 200 organizations implement plans for key employee recruitment and retention, business continuity, and transfer of ownership.

Tom’s areas of specialty include Executive and Board Level Business Strategy, Business Exit planning, Enterprise Value Growth Planning, Executive Compensation Planning, and designing tax-favored financial solutions for top earners in corporations and financial institutions. Tom regularly co-partners with major law and accounting firms, insurance agencies, compensation consulting firms, banks and credit unions, investment consultants, employee benefits specialists, credentialed valuation experts and merger and acquisition specialists to accomplish his clients’ objectives.

Tom holds an undergraduate degree in Economics and a Masters of Science degree in Financial Services (MSFS) from the American College in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania. He is also a Chartered Life Underwriter (CLU), a Certified Exit Planning Advisor (CEPA), and a Certified Value Builder Advisor (CVBA). He works closely with Accounting and Legal firms, banks and credit unions, investment consultants, employee benefits specialists, credentialed valuation experts and merger and acquisition specialists to accomplish his clients’ objectives.

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